Still shaking in Jacmel, Haiti

Most all of us here in Jacmel have spent the day wandering around in this still dazed and confused manner. I spent the 1st part of the day driving around town to survey the damage. There was destruction like I have never seen before, but I am certain that it is nothing compared to the destruction throughout Port au Prince. I just saw pictures on the web for the first time since the quake hit Port au Prince and I am in complete shock. This death toll will be in the many thousands. We are getting tremors at this very moment and have been experiencing them all throughout the day.

 CNN and other news stations have been contacting some missionaries here trying to get info for their stories. I have been contacted also by a news reporter in the states trying to do a story. I just haven’t had time to write back because we want to focus our concern on helping people around us.

So, today we praise the Lord that we were able to feed 75 people who have suffered great loss. It is a group of several families around my neighborhood. We had a few of the women come to our home to cook a humongous pot of rice and beans. Then I went out and bought several cases of water to give out as well. We brought the food and water over to the people and they were so happy. I told them that the very first thing that we need to do is to pray and give thanks to our God, the Lord and King of the universe for preserving our lives so that we can be here today. After we prayed, the food was given out and I can’t tell you the joy that was brought to my heart when I saw so many people with smiles on their faces because their bellies had been filled with food. They were so happy and were all giving thanks to God. When I told them in Creole that we are going to come back again tomorrow and do the same thing, Lord willing, they all erupted into clapping and praising God.

We are thankful that God has preserved our family and our home so that we can focus on ministering to the needs of those around us who are looking for anything to hold onto hope. It is for this purpose that we have come to share with them the greatest hope that we can ever have, and that is a hope in a sovereign and good God.

Tomorrow I told them that I will bring my guitar and we will not only pray and give thanks to God, but we will sing and lift our voices to Him acknowledging His care and love for us. They are very excited for this. We have one family who has lost their home who will be staying with us for however long needed. He is my good friend Fenel, who is supposed to be my language teacher starting this week.  We may have another family as well. Well, things will probably get put on hold until this smoke clears.

I will try to put up some pics that I took today that show the enormity of the damage here in Jacmel. Prayers are needed all throughout Haiti. This is not over yet. We are still getting tremors constantly.

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  1. Do you know missionaries Tom and Sarah Bennett? A friend of mine was down there with them, but nobody has heard from them since the earthquake. If you know anything, I’d appreciate an update. Thanks. Matthew, missionary in Mexico.

  2. I’m so blessed to know that the beans and rice are being used in great and miracuous ways. Your ministry is expanding beautifully as you bring not only hope, but joy to the lives of the people in yoru community. The devastation is very severe, CNN states that the Haitian Ambassador called this “the worst day in Haitian history”- which is so sad to think of all Haiti has endured. We are lifting you all up in constant prayer. Thank you for taking the time to keep us updated and thank you for allowing us to share in your joy as the Kingdom progresses through you!!

    Love, Kristi

  3. So thankful to see your post and know that you and Maria and family are OK. I tried to text you the other night but obviously cell service was down. You and everyone in Haiti are in our prayers and all here are working frantically to raise support for the relief effort.

    God Bless you and Maria for your service and we also thank Him that you both (and the children) are OK.

  4. I am a fellow blogger who has stumbled across your blog while trying to learn more about Haiti and the terrible events there.

    You are all in my thoughts and prayers. What a terrible ordeal for so many already impoverished people!

    Take care.

  5. Hi Cody,

    We are glad to hear that you are all safe. We have been praying for you. Praise God that your new place has been spared. That’s the very reason that you’re there… to feed the Good News and keep the music playing! May our good Lord bless you and your family.

  6. just found your blog. 2 summers ago my family and i spent a week and a half in haiti…our hearts are breaking. you are all in our prayers!

  7. do you know what happened to the Clemront House for homeless youth, orphans?
    It’s at 10 Rue Massillon Coicou in Jacmel.
    We are trying to get info on it!

  8. Thank you, Lord, for the courage and selfless service of missionary family’s serving in Haiti. May they turn to you for rest and protection. Keep them and those they care for safe from all hidden dangers. Order your angels to protect them wherever they go. Keep their feet from slipping, and hold them securely in your strong right hand until they are safe. Ps.91:1,121:3, 139:10

    Please know you are being covered in prayers. Though we have never met my heart is breaking for you and those under your loving care. May the Lord bless you and keep you wrapped up in his loving arms. Praying he will make a way when you may see no way. Much love, Cindy

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