Sou wout nan Leogane…On the road to Leogane

Here are some pictures of our trip to Leogane.


The road to Leogane has suffered some damage. It is passable, but you can tell where in some places the rocks from the mountains have fallen.


Here is an area where you can tell that part of the mountain has fallen.


In Leogane, some of the roads have cracks on them.


Most of the houses on the way to Leogane are destroyed.


I don’t even feel like I want to post all these pictures. But the truth is that people need to see that Leogane and the surrounding areas need help. We still have families burried underneath the rubble here. And most people are totally displaced. if nothing is done, Leogane and the road to Jacmel will soon look like Cite Soleil.


Houses are totally flattened. This was a two-story home.


Taking pictures was a bit overwhelming. All houses on the main road are down. We could have literally taken a picture of every one of them. It was just too much.


Life goes on for these people. They still need to go about their business. I wonder, just wonder, if they have time to grieve.


They must still their food and goods to sustain themselves. The hardware store on the background fell to the ground, yet they still set their food stands outside to sell.


The town hall of Leogane has been affected too. The building has a crack right on the middle on the left side. I am afraid this building can collapse any minute.


This is what practically all the streets in downtown Leogane look like. I am thankful that this devastation did not come to Jacmel. We praise God that we have been spared. But I am very sad for the people of Leogane.


Downtown Leogane has become a makeshift camp with makeshift tents.


A group of people look through the rubble in one of the houses in downtown Leogane.


Like I said, life goes on. They must continue to make money. Haitians are the most resilient people I’ve ever known.


Oh God, help us! I am not sure how something so big becomes powder in less than a minute.


Our team brought some food to a misplaced group of families in Leogane. We fed twenty five families.


We worked together to get the food out of our vehicle as quickly as we could in order to avoid other groups coming to us asking for food.


The people were very happy to have food and they covered it under a blanket to hide it from other groups.


We prayed for them.



We spent time with them and got to know them.


We played with them and told them about Jesus.


We gave the moms some formula for their babies and told them how to use it.


We made them laugh a little bit.



Our friend Paul even shared the gospel with the people.

Perhaps Leogane will never be the same. Maybe the houses will not be rebuilt as quickly as we would want them to be. But we hope to bring something greater than a new house or food that will feed them for months, weeks, or even days. We bring them the love of Jesus. Our desire is to bring them hope in the midst of their pain. And to show them we love them. Jesus loves them. And all of you reading this love them too. — Maria

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  1. Thanks for sharing the pictures. Gives me an idea of what truly is going on there. Thanks for all the work that you do.


  2. 1Thess !:2,3
    We always thank God for you
    mentioning you in our prayers.
    We continually remember
    before our God and Father
    your work produced by faith,
    your labour prompted by love and
    your endurance inspired by hope in our Lord Jesus Christ!

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