Some needed rest…then back at it

I am so thankful for the partial day of rest today. I desperately needed it. I went to sleep last night just after 9PM and didn’t get off my bed until close to noon today. I was wiped out!!! It has been so busy, but it was much needed to take some rest today.

We spent the rest of the day trying to help my Haitian friend and his family to find a home since their home collapsed in the earthquake and now they are living with us. It has been a joy to have them. They are absolutely wonderful people. We have become very good friends. But we know that they want to have a home of their own as soon as possible, therefore we are trying to help them as best as we can. Please pray for them.

We continue to help get medical supplies into the hands of the doctors that are working long hours each day at the hospital/clinic in Caye-Jacmel. The doctors there tell us each time we come with stuff that they are so thankful for us bringing these things in. We feel like it is just such a tiny part that we are doing, but we know that everybody doing a little leads to big things getting done.

Although medical missions is not really our thing, we know that it is desperately needed right now, therefore we are doing whatever we can to help the people that are suffering. We are working on coordinating a team of 8-10 doctors and surgeons from the states to come stay with us and help for 2 weeks at the clinic that we have been bringing supplies to.

We also have another mission team coming in immediately after that and some of that team will also be doing medical work. The other part of that team will be doing clothing and food distribution in the community as well as helping clear some rubble from many homes in our area. We are excited to see so many people respond throughout this crisis. I’m sure that we will be hosting way more mission teams than we expected.

Tomorrow, we should be getting a lot more food through some of our partner organizations that will be coming our way through GO Ministries. Once we get this food, we will load up our vehicles and go into some of the rural mountain communities around Jacmel and distribute the food to the people who need it. We have been trying to get up into the mountains for days now to give out food, but each day another great need comes up and we have been unable to go. Tomorrow, Lord willing, we will get there. There are most likely many there that have not received any of the aid yet that has been sent in. The majority of the focus near us has been on the city of Jacmel, but there are many rural villages just outside of Jacmel that also are in desperate need. We want to get some food to them immediately.

I hear that Haiti is starting to lose the top spot in the news. That is sad that some think that the story is old because, just like another missionary friend of mine here said, the real story has just begun. We are thankful that God has us here to be a part of that story. May we be faithful to do the part that He has given us.

2 thoughts on “Some needed rest…then back at it

  1. Yes, Maria the news has begun to dwindle off…however I am sure so many christians and people that have come to do mission work there now and in the past, will not forget. Our church has vowed that we pray every night at nine pm in our homes for Haiti. My husband and I found out that we CAN adopt Jesse from tytoo. Thanks for getting us in touch with Dorothy De Klerk. they found jesses mom and she gave us permission to adopt him….and so the process begins. Praying all is safe with you and that the Lord continues to bless you.

  2. Autumn,

    Thank you soooo much for delivering the great news! Jesse is a great kid. I truly miss him much! I am thankful to the Lord that He has put it in your heart to care for Jesse and give him the home that he would have never dream of having. It truly brings tears of joy to my heart. I love you guys for it. Please let us know if there is anything that we can do to help or of any prayer requests that you may have. May He bless the process and uses Jesse to touch the world for HIM.

    Much love,


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