So what are we doing?

Here are some pictures of some of the things we have been doing:


These are Mirlande and Fenel. My favorite people from Haiti. The are true lovers of God. I can’t believe how God has blessed us with their friendship. They are staying in our home. Truth is our home is now theirs. We share the same love for the people of Haiti, particularly, the children.


Cody standing in front of a military airplane from Canada. They are bringing resources to Jacmel.


Cody loading boxes of fish. We were blessed to get resources from Hands and Feet, a ministry down the road started by Audio Adrenaline.


There is Fenel bringing those bags of spaghetti to the car.


Waiting for the boat to unload the food at the dock.


I am waiting too.


Our team of hard working unloaders at the dock. Mirlande, Fenel, me, Cody, and Mark Stuart from Hands and Feet. He is the lead singer for Audio Adrenaline.


Unloading begins, but there is something wrong with this picture. Everyone is so close to each other. They all want to help, but there are too many working hands here. LOL!!


Okay, now we have just enough hands.


Whoa! 125 pounds of rice. Those are some strong guys.


Humor and friendliness also kills the stress. These dominican soldiers all wanted their picture taken for the cover of How Can They Hear. LOL!


The people worked until dark. We were all tired. And hungry. And drained. But praise the LORD, now the people will be fed.


The people are eating. Whatever we have we will give them. It is such a blessing.


Relationships are being built.


Little bellies are being filled.


The Gospel of Jesus is being preached.


And lives are added to the Kingdom.



Yes, we are living in our new temporary homes. A team from Calvary Chapel in New Jersey donated their tents to us and we have set up CAMP HAITI on our yard.

4 thoughts on “So what are we doing?

  1. It really is so AWESOME to see God at work!! These pictuers r truely gifts from HIM, and they r so very beautiful. Thank you so much for capturing the wonderful images. My family is in constant prayer for ur family and ur community along with ALL of Haiti!

  2. Helping the poor is a very great thing for human. You make living by what you get and You make life by what you give to others

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