So many people to thank…but One deserving all thanks

No, this isn’t the Oscars where everybody who wins the award says for the first 3 seconds that they want to thank God, but then spend the rest of their time bragging on everybody else responsible for their success.

I want to give plenty of space to first thank the Lord for all of His faithfulness and goodness in the midst of such tragedy. He is Good and He has shown His goodness to so many amidst this tragedy. All throughout the country are reports of miracles of people being found alive after being buried for over 10 days. All over Haiti, missionaries, churches, and individuals share stories that just can’t be coincidence, but rather the hand of God who has everything in his care. He is good. He is faithful. He is worthy of all praise.

A few nights ago, we (my wife and I, the Haitian family that is living with us, and our short-term missionary friend who we are hosting) all took time to pray, worship, share the Word, and lift up His name. It was wonderful to gather together to worship and praise the One from whom all blessings flow. He is worthy. Amazing things are happening and I first want to give all glory to God.

Being the fact though that we are the body of Christ, He often displays His glory through people, and so I just want to also give thanks for the people that God has displayed His love and glory through. Here are some people and organizations that we have been blessed to work along side of in order to help the people of Haiti and therefore bring glory to God:

GO Ministries – They are a mission in the Dominican Republic who have played a huge role in purchasing tons of food and supplies and sending them over to Jacmel via plane and boat. So a thank you to GO Ministries also means a thank you to the thousands of people who made a contribution to GO Ministries. They have been instrumental in helping the people of Haiti. They have worked hard. They have sacrificed much. Their reward in heaven will be great. We are blessed to work along side of them.

Hands and Feet Project – This is an orphanage here in Jacmel that was started by the band Audio Adrenaline. By the providence of God, we got connected with them after the quake and we have been helping each other ever since. They have raised thousands of dollars and have been able to get resources out to the people. Mark, the lead singer of the band, is a super cool guy and I don’t just say that because he is a rock star. I have worked along side of him down at the sea port unloading supplies and he has spoke up often on our behalf to make sure that we were getting supplies. His father Drex and I have coordinated a lot in terms of distributing food and medical supplies.

Islego Ministries – These guys contacted me as soon as the quake hit. I did not know them beforehand. They came across our blog and immediately asked us what they can do to help. Since then, they have purchased us a huge diesel generator so that we can have power in our home, they are sending us hundreds of boxes of food from Kids Against Hunger so that we can give these to the families, and they are planning a mission team to come in the end of February. They have been awesome.

Joy in Hope – They are a ministry here in Jacmel who have children’s homes in addition to other community projects. They were the first ones to start working at the airport and helping get planes coming here to bring in support. They have received a lot of food and supplies from various organizations and have distributed it as fast as they received it. They are doing a great job. They have all been working tirelessly since the first day of the quake. Many people in the community have been helped as a result of their efforts.

The military forces – Awesome job!!

Then there are individuals that I don’t even know much about them, but I see them working so hard. There is this girl named Tiffany who is like a permanent fixture at the airport these days. She has been coordinating so much of the medical teams and supplies that have come in. She now has someone else who has come down to join her and help coordinate distribution of both medical supplies and medical teams. I am sure that she has helped save many lives. Maybe one day I will learn a little more about who she is and how she ended up in Haiti.

There are the many pilots who have sacrificed much time and their own money to come here and work like crazy to get supplies flown here.

Last, but not least by any means, are the countless number of people and churches that have supported our ministry here. Without the support that has come in, we could not be doing what we are doing. So thank you so much for your sacrificial giving. You are really making a difference. Lives are being saved and lives are being changed as a result of what you are doing. You may never be able to see exactly how your giving is saving a life, but it really is. Thank you so much.

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  1. Cody and Maria,

    Everyday I watch for your news. Praise God for keeping you and yours safe and for the work you are able to do.
    We share news and pray for you every Lord’s Day in our Bible Study. Love to you and yours, Diane and Paul

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