Salvation Comes to Haiti in Light of Earthquake Aftermath

 The Word of God stands true as Romans 8:28 reads, “He causes all things to work together for good to those who love Him and are called by His purposes.”

Today, we were able to feed over 100 people in our community. Several of these people have lost homes and a few have lost loved ones. But it was a great joy for them when they saw us coming down the street with a huge pot of rice and beans in the wheelbarrel.

First, we went up the street to give food to a family for the first time today. They are extremely poor. I usually wave to them every time I pass by. The day of the quake, I passed by to see their home, but there was one problem…the home wasn’t there. It was completely crashed to the ground. So, each time I have driven by in these last 2 days, I just see them sitting by the road amidst all this rubble. So, today, I drove up to them and asked them if they needed food. I told them that I would return soon and that we will feed their family. They were so excited. So, we rolled the wheel barrel of food up to their home, gathered in a circle, gave thanks to the Lord, and everybody ate. They were so thankful. We told them we will return tomorrow, Lord willing.

 Then, we took the gigantic pot of rice and beans, loaded the wheel barrel, and headed down the street to the neighborhood that we fed yesterday. This time, I also brought my guitar so that we could do some worship, and I brought my Haitian friend with me who is a very Godly guy who loves to share the gospel and minister to the poor.

As we came to the area, the people were so excited. This time they had already put out chairs and were ready with their bowls and plates. One guy was so happy that he was wearing his bowl on his head. After we gathered to pray and give thanks to God, everybody ate.

After the food, we gathered to sing some songs of thanks to the Lord. The people were so happy and some were dancing because they were thankful. Then my friend opened the bible and shared a message of salvation…a real message of salvation, covering the truths of our sin, our need for forgiveness, our need to repent, etc. It was awesome. I also shared about the need to understand that nothing at all can save us from our sins, except Jesus. Good works can’t save us. Voodoo can’t save us. Going to church can’t save us. Only trusting in the death and resurrection of Jesus can save us. Many people were listening intently as both my friend and I were not giving a superficial “Come to Jesus and everything will be okay” type message.

After the message, about 15 people came forward to sit in the chairs and say that they wanted to repent and follow Jesus. It was awesome! We asked them if they really understood what they were asking. They all understood, and so we prayed and witnessed the Kingdom of God come to those people. My young  friend Daniel was also there and he said that he wants to come to church with us on Sunday.

So, we continue to give out to the people and help them in their great time of need, but we know that the greatest need is for the salvation of their souls, and we praise God that today we were able to minister to both physical and spiritual needs.

Praise the Lord that He causes all things to work together for good.

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  1. I am a Biltmore Baptist member and saw mention of your blog on Facebook. I am so glad that you are OK and your house too. What a blessing that you have fed so many in the last few days. and then to usher in a harvest today of 15 new Christians ! all of us here wish we could be there to help now- but God knew who would be there and that the Whittakers would be a channel of His blessing to a hurting country..

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