Relief comes to Haiti…Big Time

Wow!!!  I have never seen so many planes, choppers, ships, etc come in such a short period of time.  Relief is certainly coming to Haiti and we are so thankful.

 We spent the day at the airport and then at the sea port just loading up tons of food into our vehicles and bringing them to our house to store.  We have a lot of food that will enable us to feed so many more people.

 We got to work side by side with the lead singer of Audio Adrenaline, who has an orphanage and ministry here in Jacmel called “Hands and Feet Project”. He was such a cool guy with a great heart.   He was so helpful to us in giving us a lot of the food that was distributed to him.  We have tons of food to give to people.  This is really going to bring a lot of relief to many.

 Now, we need to formulate an effective manner of getting food to so many people.

 When we were driving home on our road, we saw a large group of people assembled under a big tarp.  We have always wanted to help these people in addition to the many that we have already been helping, but feared that we couldn’t because we just didn’t have enough food to feed everyone.  But now we have a lot.  So, as we drove by, we saw that they had put up a sign that read in 3 languages, “SOS.  Please help us.  We are hungry.  We are thirsty and we need tanks.”  I kiddingly let them know that they spelled tanks wrong since they really meant “tents” for places to sleep.

 So, when we got home and dropped off all our food that we had gathered throughout the day, we loaded up some food to drive back up the street to deliver to this group of people.  They were so so happy when we pulled up and told them that we brought food for them.  I asked them if we could gather together so that we could pray and give thanks to God that He has provided for them.  It was great.

 We are totally exhausted…but totally filled with joy in our hearts knowing that we will be able to help a lot of people over an extended period of time.  We plan to drive to the mountains soon and deliver food to some of the remote villages and share Christ’s love with them.  Bondye se bon (God is good)

6 thoughts on “Relief comes to Haiti…Big Time

  1. Dear Heavenly Father
    Thankyou for taking care of Cody and Maria.
    They are such a blessing to so many!

  2. Friends: what is the medical situation there? I hear the hopital is down and was not functioning strongly anyway. Has any medical relief arrived? Is there a medical team there? If a team of surgeons arrived Sunday, would they have a place to work? Water and electricity? Are there many untreated fractures? Thanks. Dan

  3. Cody & Maria: So glad to hear that you now have provisions to share with the desperate and that you have found the opportunity to honor God while distributing it. Our Team that were doing construction & humanitarian work at Mission of Hope & Tytoo arrived back home in Ontario last night after a long evacuation process. They were flown out in the cargo belly of a C-17. All are well.
    They were called to start bandaging and operating on people 20 minutes after the quake, and to work for 18 hours straight ahead.
    They were fortunate to have their own diesel generator.

    I will share your news with the men’s prayer group here at Sauble Beach tomorrow AM.

  4. So glad to hear that you met Mark. I laughed when I read about Maria’s introduction….because I have been reading YOUR blog AND keeping up with what Hands & Feet are doing (went to college with Mark & his brother Dave)…laughed for joy because God connected those dots. I am grateful that Hands & Feet has been able to connect with others in Jacmel to provide necessities to more people in the area. God IS Good!

  5. Praise God! This was SO amazing and awesome to read!!! I’m thrilled that relief is getting to you and you’re able to minister to the people of Haiti! God is good!

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