Prices increase…tensions increase (a little)…responsibilities increase…and the grace of God increases all the more.

 We are still in such a whirlwind of activity. Needs continue to surface daily. As much food as we have given out to the people, there are still so many more who ask us daily. We gave out the bags of food to over 150 families a few days ago. These families were made up of about 9 large groups of people who have been displaced throughout our community. Now, we have one representative from each group come to our gate each morning and we supply their group with enough rice and beans that will feed all the families in the group. So far, it has been working out well and we have provided them with food each day. We have probably been providing food daily for well over 500 people, but I don’t have any exact count at the moment. But we know that it is not us who is providing the food, God is providing. And He is faithful.

We have been blessed to be partnering with different missions in the area who have helped us as we have helped them. It has been a true picture of the body of Christ. One of those organizations that has helped us get a lot of the food sent our way has been the Hands and Feet Project here in Jacmel. They have partnered with GO Ministries in the Dominican Republic and have both spent literally hundreds of thousands of dollars buying food and supplies and sending them here. Both of those ministries heard about the work that we are doing in trying to feed the many, therefore they have tried to get as much food into our hands as we would be able to distribute. Remember, we are small time…we are not a huge organization with hundreds of staff. Our staff is me, my Haitian missionary friend named Fenel, and both our wives. We don’t have a huge truck to haul tons of food. We have my Toyota 4Runner and Fenel’s Suzuki Tracker. We don’t have a warehouse for storage. We have a spare bedroom. But the Lord is faithful in using us for His glory and we are blessed to have gotten enough food to feed so many people.

Today, we had hoped to get more food early in the morning so that we could go up into the rural mountain villages nearby and feed the many there who are hungry, but the Lord had other plans. Hands and Feet Project have brought in some doctors and surgeons to work in some of the clinics. Early this morning, we were told by the Director to come to the docks since a ship was coming in with supplies. They thought their might be food in addition to the large amount of medical supplies that they were waiting for.

The docks are getting a little crazy. There are so many people and so many boats coming in. So much of the stuff coming off the boats has not been properly marked, therefore nobody knows who it is supposed to go to. So, after waiting around for several hours, we were told that there was not any food on this boat, but that Hands and Feet needed us to help them deliver the supplies to the medical clinic in one of the rural areas. So, we spent the day loading medical supplies and delivering them to the clinic. The doctors and nurses at the clinic were so thankful that we were getting them supplies. Again, what a great picture of the body of Christ working together. Lord, we want to be your hands. We want to be your feet. We’ll go where you send us…go where you send us.

We got word from the people at GO Ministries in the DR that they have sent our generator over to us and it should be there on the boat that comes this afternoon. Also on the boat will be tons of boxes of food and the people at GO Ministries and Hands and Feet said that they want us to load up on as much stuff as possible since they know that we are giving it out to the people. Both missionaries as well as local hungry Haitians are experiencing a lot of frustration right now over the fact that tons of food has come in so far and very little has gone out. Most of it is being held in warehouses for later distribution. There were reports yesterday that the people were rioting outside (though that was only a report) of the food warehouse demanding that they start giving out food to the people that are hungry. That is why we try to get our vehicles filled up before it goes behind those locked doors. If we can get it, it gets to the people immediately.

Our plan tonight is to go down to the docks and wait for the ship to come in with our generator and hopefully a lot of food. GO Ministries is sending over a representative on the ship to make sure that these things actually get to us. We will put that person up for the night at our house as requested. GO Ministries is doing an amazing job as well as so many other mission organizations, both here in Haiti and around the world.

Tomorrow morning, we plan to load up our vehicles with food, some basic first aid supplies, and some flip flops and head into the mountains to minister to the people there who have also suffered much, but are probably being overlooked because they are in more remote places. I love going into these places and sharing the Gospel message of Jesus in both word and deed. We pray that we will be able to get gas for our vehicles so that we can do this. If we can’t get gas, we can’t go. Gas prices have started to rise as well as many other things. Yesterday, we were able to get a water truck to fill our cistern, but the cost was certainly more than what we normally pay. But it was so worth it just to know that we will have water for showers and stuff.

Hotel Whittaker is now expanding as we are hosting a guy from the states that has been here with a team from Calvary Chapel in New Jersey. We have spent some time with them in ministering and sharing Christ with the people. They have been great. We have talked a lot about partnering together to bring in mission teams over the next year. One of the guys felt led by God to stay here for another week to serve along side of us, and so we have gladly taken him in to stay with us. Next week, we might be hosting another team from Calvary Chapel who are bringing in some doctors and other people to do some relief work. Thank the Lord for our awesome one woman staff named Melita who cares for our home. She is amazing. She is an amazing cook. She is a very lovely woman. She has been called upon to go above and beyond her normal household work and she has stepped up to the challenge.

Gotta go…Maria just walked in with a 3 week old malnourished child whose mother is sick. We need wisdom right now to know what to do and how best to help. We just layed hands on him and entrusted Him to God’s care. But again, we are the body of Christ. We are the hand and feet that will demonstrate Christ’s love to the people around us. Please pray right now. God is in control. Love to all

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  1. I just found out there is a group of doctors and nurses in Jacamel from DE! They arrived yesterday. I know they have medical supplies and infant formula. I work with a couple of these Drs and they are great people! All I can figure out from the articles from is that they are working out of the hospital in Jacamel. They have a pediatrician with them also that can take a look at the baby. I’ll be praying…

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