Our house is all powered up!!

Before the earthquake happened we used to have power in our home from 2pm to 2am. We had our inverter and batteries installed in our home the day of the earthquake. We were planning on charging the batteries with city power, but after the earthquake city power was gone. Thankfully, the batteries were quickly charged during the two hours that we had power before the earthquake. This turned out to be a blessing since we had power the night of the earthquake. But we knew that the charge on the batteries would not last forever. We saw the battery charge go from 100% to 75% to 54% to 24% and finally to 0% in a matter of days.

So we began using our small generator. The problem was that we only got enough power to turn on a few lights, fans, and charge the batteries on our computers. In the meantime, our laundry was piled up and it kept growing and growing. Cody actually wanted me to hire someone to wash the clothes for us. You see, we could power on our washing machine with our generator, BUT the spin cycle will NOT work. A huge deal for me. OK, there are more needed things than the clean clothes, but to me that was a big deal. LOL! Sleeping outside with noisy generator to run your fan was not fun at all.

A few days after the earthquake IsleGo Missions contacted us willing to help with some of our needs. After thinking through what was it that we needed in the moment I thought that I could present to them our need for a larger generator. Our small generator is not big enough to charge the batteries on our inverter so we would have to run our generator whenever we needed power. To make things worse, our generator uses gas. Which is not the best type of fuel to power a home, especially when after the earthquake gas is $6.00 a gallon and the only gas station selling gas is closed.

The team at IsleGo Missions quickly agreed to purchase a generator for us. They were very kind to supply the funds to purchase it for us. They also coordinated with GO Ministries in Santiago, Dominican Republic to have them purchase our generator and ship it to us by boat. We are forever thankful to Islego Missions and GO Ministries for their support and effort.

The Lord is awesome! He left us here to be extensions of who He is. Watching the body of Christ act like a living organism is a beautiful thing. I am amazed by the love everyone has shown, not only to us, but to the Haitian people.

Our house is now all powered up. I finally finished the last load of laundry tonight. Yes, I am still filling the washer with the buckets because the water pressure is horrible. But at least the spinning cycle is working and my drawers are full of fresh clean clothes.

If you want to learn more about the ministry of IsleGo Missions go to http://www.islego.com. They are an awesome organization! And we are thrilled to partner with them to serve the people of Haiti and share Jesus with those around us.


The truck bringing the generator to our home.


Here is our team helping us unload the generator from the truck.


Here they are! Gently putting the big power box down.


Yes, this is a very very heavy box.


Cody really wanted to pose next to his new toy…I mean generator.


Take a look at the generator IsleGo replaced. Ours is the red one. The black one belongs to Fenel. We tried using his, but it really didn’t add much power. We still love our Honda generator and it will get much use for outreach ministries and other emergencies. 🙂


In addition to IsleGo’s gift we also received four drums of diesel to power our generator from GO Ministries. Thank you so much for your love and support IsleGo and GO Ministries! Thank you for loving us and loving Haiti!–Maria

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  1. Praise the Lord for he is mighty to provide for his children.
    I have never thought about the blessing of having clean
    clothes. How spoiled we have become and Oh how blessed
    we are. Love to our Haitian brothers and sisters.

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