Our girls are getting out of Haiti

We found a way to get our girls out of Haiti tomorrow.  There are aid planes flying into Jacmel airport all day from the Dominican Republic to bring medical supplies.  We will hop one of those planes tomorrow morning and all fly to the Dominican.  Then we will meet my sister there who will fly in from JFK.  My sister will then return to the states with the girls and Maria and I will return to Jacmel.  We probably will have to spend the night at a hotel in the DR since my sister and my girls won’t fly out until after 5PM, and there won’t be any more aid planes flying to Jacmel until the next morning.

 We just bought over 60 gallons of safe drinking water today.  That should cover us for about a month to 6 weeks, especially without the girls.  We also have enough food to last us for about a month or so.  We also bought 10 more huge bags of rice so that we can continue feeding the people in our community.  Our feeding “program” is growing daily as more and more people are coming to us and telling us that they have no food.  Tomorrow, we will also distribute some clothes to some families who lost all their belongings.

 Our 2 biggest needs now are gas and water for our cistern.  I have been to the gas station several times and have left each time empty handed.  It is so crazy there.  There is a lot of chaos and so many people pushing and shoving.  I hope that we will be able to get gas tomorrow morning at 7AM when it opens.  My friend and I are going to go down there at 3AM just to get in line.  Pray for success.  Without gas, we have no power since our power depends on our gas generator.

 We have had so many people commit to sending us financial contributions so that we can effectively minister to the people in need.  We are so thankful for your generous giving and your heart felt prayers.  Please continue to pray for us as we seek to minister the wonderful gospel of grace and truth through both our words and our deeds.

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  1. I will be praying for safe travels and for comforted hearts for everyone!

    We love you!
    Kristi & Family

  2. Cody, would write often but don’t want to tie up your time or electricity with our comments. Know we are following your family closely, praying fervently, concerned constantly, inspired always. Have passed your witness to my friends. (My 93 yr old Mom praying for you and sending a widow’s gift) Greater love has no one than that which you and Maria are living in Jesus name. Love you. Encouraged for girls. Heavy hearted for your separation. Grateful for your faith. Trusting God for what we hope, confident in what we know. Rob and Monica and family (UP lifts you up)

  3. Cody & Maria,

    Good luck on getting the girls safely out of Haiti. I am so glad to hear they are coming back to the states. I know KA will be a loving and wonderful care-giver under these very difficult circumstances. How gut wrenching to have to say goodbye to them. And your beautiful village is destroyed. The pictures are horrific. I saw president Clinton last week at an event in Boston and mentioned your family to him. There is a huge fundraising effort being led by the US to benefit the Haitian people. The news coming from the island is worse every day as desperation sets in. So much suffering. We are worried for you and your safety. If you have to leave and come back ti Haiti at another time please do not feel guilty about that decision. You must take care of yourselves in order to be of help to others. Right now your neighbors are so lucky to have you there as a link to the outside world and supplies. I’m glad you have food and water. I hope you can get gasoline tomorrow. Everyone is with you in spirit and wish we could do more to help. Thanks for sharing all this news with us and I will be in touch with KA to see how I can help her with the girls. I’m sure a hot shower, a good night’s sleep and a good meal in the DR will be much appreciated. Maybe you can get some gasoline there or get a good contact with the transport in case you need it at a later date. You are in my thoughts. Be safe.

    Much love to all,

    Your cousin Kim

  4. praying for safe travel and peace as your family is separated. i cannot imagine the stress you are all under. God’s strength be yours as you care for your family and others. He will never leave you or forsake you. many prayers for you all. blessings!

  5. i know you guys don’t know me…but you and your family are in my prayers. may the God of peace and hope fill you with strength and peace.

  6. A friend of mine who has adopted two children from Haiti sent out this urgent request today. I trust her and the information. If you can help…?? Or pass on to someone else who could possibly help??
    “Our orphanage (a large one) in Haiti is in dire conditions right now — children are out of water, looters are striking. These children cannot go to drop points for food and water. Many of these children were on schedule to be adopted by American families. The orphanage is Maison des Enfants de Dieu, Delmas 31, #32; coordinates 72 deg 33… See More’29.5”N 72 deg 18’08.76” W, near the mayor’s office. If you have any contacts that can help us, please, PLEASE make their need and location known to the military for protection and provision. The situation of these little ones, especially the babies, is URGENT.”
    Her email is rudynphyllis@yahoo.com
    Thank you for all you are doing!! We are praying for safety and provisions!

  7. My wife LIz and I heard about your ministry through our brother in Christ Kirk at Celebration Christian Church. We are glad to hear that your girls are safe. We will continue to pray for the people of Haiti, and for all you are doing.

  8. Hi Wendy,

    Try contacting Troy and Tara Livesay. They are in PAP in the Delmas area. They maybe able to help you since they are closer than us to the area. If you google their names you should find them.

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