January 12, 2010–a date all of Haiti will forever remember

I was actually on my bed chatting via Facebook with my friend, Karen, when all of the sudden the house started to shake. My first thought was, “Honey, you left the pump for the water tank on and the tank is overflowing.” I truly had no clue what was going on. I just froze in the moment. Then I heard the girls crying and screaming. They were saying that the house was shaking. Then Cody came back into the house saying, “It is not the tank. It is an earthquake.” And I froze again. When I finally realized what was going on, I took the girls hands and ran outside as quickly as I could.

On my way out, I saw our dresser moving, the kitchen cabinets shake and spit out all sorts of cans, and the house moving as if it was made out of jello. I had never seen anything like that. But I only realized it was an earthquake when I finally got outside and saw people running in all directions. Some crying. Some rushing. Others wailing. Wailing as if life was pulled from within them.

I still cannot believe what happened here. Just three hours before the earthquake, we had fed more than a hundred children in a small school along the the southern coast of Haiti. We had such a wonderful time bringing smiles to those little ones. We were praising God for using us once again to bring food and the gospel to the precious children of Haiti. And after the earthquake happened I completely forgot about those little ones. I only remembered them when I sat down to import pictures on my computer to upload to our blog. Of course, now my mind is going back to those little faces and I wonder how are they doing. Do they still have a home? Are they okay? I just don’t know. But I do pray that in this moment the food given to them will last them long. And the message that Cody and Fenel spoke to them about Jesus being the bread of life will remind them that He alone is the real bread that truly satisfies.


The school in Marigot that we went to visit the day of the earthquake.


Some of the happy children that were fed on that day.


Some of my favorite faces in the whole wide world. I truly love the children of Haiti. They are absolutely beautiful.


Don’t you love them? They have the stamp of the Creator right on them.


A sight to see a few hours later. The Catholic church in Jacmel. Part of it is gone.


A house in downtown Jacmel. You can actually see the inside of the house.


A roof on a house fell down in downtown Jacmel.


The roof on this house looks like make out of clay.


Here is a look from afar.


Here is another house in downtown.


Here a street in downtown Jacmel. See the Total gas station over there?


Here is a closeup of it. It is now totaled.


There is rubble all throughout the city.


Some homes look like someone big enough shook them up and then dropped them.


Others look even worse.


Rubble. And an exodus in Jacmel.


They are headed to the airport to spend the night away from their homes. They either totally lost their homes or the structure may not be safe for them to go in.


Here is the restaurant where Cody took me for my birthday.


This is how it looks now. Sadly, not a place I’d go to again. 🙁


People are camping out on the airport field.

I know that this all sounds like a very bad dream. The people of Haiti could surely use a break from the devastation and all the pain they have endured for many centuries. Yet, God is still in control. And we are trusting in Him to see us and them through this. We are very thankful that our home is okay and that it can be a shelter of refuge for others. Please keep us in prayer. We need wisdom to know where to how to best minister to the people. We love these people so much! But certainly the poorest have now become the poorest even more. –Maria

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