God is good. We are exhausted!!!

That about sums up the day for us here in Haiti.  It all began this morning when a massive quake/tremor measuring 6.0 hit us again.  I was awakened by Maria screaming, “Get out!! Get out!!”  I knew it was going to be a long day after such a “shaky” start.

Spent the early part of the day trying to secure more supplies, but came up empty.  I then spent a few hours with a group of Calvary Chapel pastors who are down here trying to formulate a plan for relief and ministry.  We connected well as I took them around our community along with my missionary friend Fenel, who is a Haitian who is living with us since his home is destroyed.  We showed them all the groups of people whom God has enabled us to feed and brought them around the neighborhood to see the people’s homes that have been destroyed.  We prayed with the injured.  We prayed with relief teams that were from other countries.  We helped a family put up a tent.  It was great.  They are very interested in partnering with us long term to bring many mission teams here over the next year.  They have their first team coming in this weekend and are hoping that we can help get that team in a place where they can be most effective.

While we were doing this, the wives were back at our home preparing bags of food to give to all the people in our community.  We had gotten a list from all the people around us giving the name of the family and how many in each family so that we could know how to distribute the food accordingly.

After taking a brief moment to eat a delicious lunch that was prepared by the women of the home, we set out to distribute the food to the masses of people and prayed that things would not get crazy.

Praise the Lord that we were able to give out food to over 150 families in our community!  It was hot.  It was hectic.  People were hungry and thirsty, but we persevered and got the food and water into their hands.  We distributed bags of food to each family that is meant to last for a week, but we also distributed large amounts of spaghetti, rice and beans, and oil to the groups as a whole that the families were part of in a certain area.  We will have a delegate from each group come to our gate every day and we will provide them with enough rice and beans needed for that particular day.  It seems like a good system that we have in place so that the food is equally distributed among all the people.

 Pray that we are able to get some tents as so many people are in need of shelter.

 What a long day.  God is good.  I am exhausted

5 thoughts on “God is good. We are exhausted!!!

  1. “With God nothing is impossible.” Wow . . . 150 families is obviously tremendous (and that’s an understatement).
    Your blog is a daily must-read as we watch God work large miracles on a daily basis.
    Please continue to seek Him in all things . . .

  2. Dear Cody & Maria,
    You don’t know me, but I know your Lord and through him are family. I have been so touched by your ministry. Your love for the Lord, and the people of Haiti. I pray that you will be blessed and that he will keep you safe as you work in the center of it all. I hope that you don’t mind but I have been sending everyone I know to your blog to read and pray. Thank you for serving HIM, even when things are very unpleasant.
    In my prayers,
    Rebekah Flowers

  3. once again Cody
    I am so encouraged at the life and ministry you are living in true faith. and to hear the same wonderful story that has been told for thousands of years…”that God is faithful and God provides”. as you im sure know, as we do in the US most of the time, when we take control of our own lives and dont depend on him, things get confusing and complicated and we can even question God’s faithfulness at times. But when we are put in a position where all we have is hope in God to provide in an impossible situation, God shows us in the Body he always has a way. In one sense I feel for you being thrown into such an intense initiation to your time in Haiti but then again, your faith is proving to be greater than gold! (praise God of course for the faith he gives us)

    We are so glad to hear of the many reports of Gods faithfulness.

  4. Thankful for others coming to help you. What a blessing you two are to so many. God is faithful and will give you His strength for each day. Bless you!
    Look to the Lord and his strength, seek His face always.
    1Chronicles 16:11

  5. We are so overjoyed to have read the blof over the last days and to know you are well and that the girls are safe. We shed some tears of joy as we read about the faithfulness and goodness of the Lord. We love you guys and are praying for you. Blessings to you Cody and Maria.

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