God guides and God provides for us in Haiti

What a great day it has been just seeing how the hand of our God truly guides us and truly provides for us.  I woke this morning to the sound of Maria walking in the room.  I was so excited to see her.  I had been planning on going down to the airport to pick her up, but the Lord made me not get up in timeJ  Seriously, because she came in so early and I was not there, she ended up asking a guy there at the airport to give her a lift home.  It turns out that this guy Mark was the lead singer of Audio Adrenaline along with his father.  They have a ministry in Haiti called “Hands and Feet Project.”  Maria shared with them what we were doing and how we were feeding many people and were hoping to get more resources.  He told Maria that a ton of resources are being sent his way and that all we needed to do was come down to the airport and he will load up our vehicle with food.

 Then,  we went down to the airport and saw all these choppers and planes landing.  I introduced myself to Mark and he told us that we can get as much food as we needed.  It was awesome.  We loaded up 2 vehicles full.  Then he told me to come down to the seaport later because he has a shipment coming in of a lot more food and that he wants to give us whatever we could use to help the people.  It was awesome.  God provides!!

 Then Maria told me that while she was in the Dominican Republic, she was put in touch with the Directors of GO Ministries who are the ones that are sending all of these relief planes from the DR to Jacmel.  She actually spent the night at their house because she didn’t have enough money for a hotel.  So, while there, she was able to connect with them and share about what we are doing here.  They told her that we are free to take anything that comes to Jacmel through their ministry. They also said that they would help us in any other way possible if we needed it.  God provides!!

 That morning, we got an email from a missionary in the states that has been in contact with us and asking us what some of our immediate needs are.  So, one of our great needs now is for a large diesel generator so that we can charge our inverter, which would give us power in our home.  This is a pretty costly item, but one that we have great need for, especially now since there is no power all throughout the city.  We shared our need with this missionary and then found out that people from GO Ministries in the DR would be able to make the purchase there and then send it over to us via plane or ship.  This missionary in the states said that we can go ahead and tell GO Ministries to make this purchase and the missionary in the states will pay for it.  So, in a few days, we will have a large diesel generator to power our home.  God provides!!