Calvary Chapel team visits Jacmel

We are hosting a group of men from different Calvary Chapel churches in the states. It truly has been a blessing to have these guys in our home. I am sure it makes Cody very happy to have some male representation in the house. He is probably thinking that it was about time that I got to experience what he has to go through when he is home alone with females only. LOL!

Here are some pictures of what the team did on night that they arrived.


The guys delivered a tent and mat to a family in our neighborhood.


They helped setup the tent for this family. Their home is actually on the background laying on the ground.



Even though these are temporary homes, it truly blesses the people to have a roof over their heads. They have been sleeping outside for days. The day that the team brought the tent rained a little bit.


Many hands make the load light.


There is nothing like a big smile on a child’s face.


These kidos are ready to go to sleep. They love their new mattress.


Imagine these little ones blesses to have a new tent to sleep in. Yes, one tent can make a difference.


Mike and Brian were having fun with the kids.


Here is the finished product.


And here are our CC friends with our neighbors.

Some many not think that delivering one tent is all that great. Perhaps it may not be as great as feeding 10,000 or even 1,000, but the truth is that one tent matters. This is one family in our very own neighborhood that lost their home. All the money they had saved throughout the years to build their home is forever gone. One tent may not replace that, but the love of Jesus can. And simple little things such as bringing a tent and making a child smile touches both, the heart of the giver and the heart of the receiver.

Thank you Calvary Chapel for coming to our little neighborhood in Lamandou, Jacmel. We really love opening our home to you. You are bright stars for Jesus. –Maria

2 thoughts on “Calvary Chapel team visits Jacmel

  1. Cody & Maria: I have been putting excerpts from your posts on my facebook page, and today I am told someone printed off your story and put it on a school bulletin board here in at Sauble Beach, Ontario, Canada. So people really care about what you are doing for the Haitian people there.

    In case you haven’t heard, the Canadian military medical clinic in Jacmel is now operating at almost full capacity, treating victims of the earthquake that shattered the country. Lt.-Col. Bruce Ewing, the commander of Canada’s Disaster Assistance Response Team, told CBC on Tuesday that the DART field clinic in the town treated 246 people on Monday.

    “My clinic is designed to treat up to 250 people a day,” Ewing said. “We will keep treating as long as they show up, and the moment they stop showing up here, I am going to be sending my medical teams out into the surrounding mountains to try and treat anyone that can’t get to us.”

    Read more:

  2. Thank you so much for your news blogs. I can’t wait
    daily to visit your site and get updates. I can’t believe you write such beautiful accounts when you are dead tired and in need of rest. I love your thoughts and writings. It’s a good think you’re writing your memories. You are writing a beautiful book and it will inspire missionaries for generations to come and be a great testimont for your children. And I love hearing the news from you instead of TV because you write about people and the work of our Savior – and there is no better NEWS! Your in the thoughts and
    prayers of many warriors back home. Love to you and all your
    helpers. Tom & Vickie, Candler, NC

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