Bringing more than just food to Leogane

Food is certainly a most important thing to bring to people that are hungry. But what do you bring to people that are both hungry and devastated? I believe there is much more needed to bring them than mere food. They need hope. They need encouragement. They need to laugh since they have been crying so much. They need to play since they have been working so hard. They need love. And most importantly, they need to know of a love greater than mere man. They need to know of a God who loves them and desires a relationship with Him.

That is what we try to bring to the people that we are delivering food to every day. And today, I believe that we brought much more than food to over 20 different families in Leogane who have lost their homes and their loved ones.

Team Whittaker/Bruno or Bruno/Whittaker loaded up our vehicles early this morning with the last of the food that had been given to us to give away. We prayed in our driveway and asked that the Lord would guide us to the families that He wanted us to see.

We drove up over the mountain that leads towards Port au Prince and headed into Leogane. I have never seen anything like what I saw today in Leogane. The place has been leveled. Literally every other house is in a pile of rubble, and that is not an exaggeration. It is a sad reality. On one side of the road are house after house that are now big piles of rubble. On the other side of the street are one makeshift tent/shelter after another. People have lost everything there, but they are already trying to move on. What else can they do?

So, we passed by a large group of people that were assembled underneath one of these makeshift shelters. We asked went over to them and asked how many families were represented in their group. They said there were about 22 families in the group. So, we told them we had food to give them. They were very happy.

We unloaded the food from our vehicles within seconds so that we would not draw attention from others around who might swarm our vehicles in hopes of getting something themselves. There is just simply too much need to satisfy everybody.

After we gave them the food and our vehicles were completely empty, we went over to where they were and spent some time with them. First, we prayed for them and told them that the Lord has heard their prayers and has brought food their way. Then, we started talking to the guys who were showing us the stick homes that they were in the process of building. They are doing an amazing job with absolutely nothing for resources.

Within minutes, children were swarming about us as we were just showing them the love of God by playing with them and just spending time with them. My sunglasses became a hit as each kid wanted to put them on because I was imitating them looking cool with the shades. I put them on a child and started saying in Creole, “I know, I’m pretty, that’s right. I’m pretty” while making my cool posture. The kids were cracking up and each one wanted to try it. It was so much fun. After that, I had all the children gather together and I put my hands on them and prayed for them. It was awesome!

Meanwhile, Maria was giving a can of formula to a woman with a baby and was explaining the directions for feeding the child.

Then, I notice that Apostle Paul is missing. Apostle Paul is our friend who is from Calvary Chapel in the states who is here visiting for the week and is staying with us. His name is Paul, but we call him Apostle Paul because every time we turn around, we see him preaching the gospel to people…and he doesn’t even speak Creole! So, there was Apostle Paul with a huge gathering of children and adults sharing the gospel story through a piece of paper that he changes into many different shapes and objects that eventually becomes a cross as he discusses that only Jesus is the one who can truly satisfy. The children were amazed and all applauded when they saw this paper that had been folded and ripped many times end up being a cross.

The whole time we were there, there was joy and laughter. The people forgot about their losses for a moment. You wouldn’t think that we were in a makeshift tent across the street from their home that was lying in ruins. They were free. It was beautiful.

We brought them food because we knew they were hungry. But we also brought them love, laughter, truth, and hope…because we knew that they were hungry. – Cody

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  1. God Bless you in your work. I found your blog through Joel Kurz’s blog. I read it everyday when I first get to to work and it keeps my life in perspective. You are in my thoughts and prayers!

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