Big Aftershock…Internet down…Please Pray

We just had another huge aftershock that measured a 6.0.  We are all safe and our home is safe, but people are scared.  We heard that it hit in Port au Prince again.  Now the internet service we use is down.  Our communication might be scarce in the next few days.  If it is an emergency and you need to talk with us, please call my cell phone direct at

011-509-3-627-8162.  If it does not go through, then remove the 3 from that number.

Please pary for us all here in Haiti.  This is still a very catastrophic situation.

8 thoughts on “Big Aftershock…Internet down…Please Pray

  1. I am so in awe of God’s timing & purpose for you guys! Your family has sacrificed virtually everything to show God’s love to the Haitians. You all being there during this catastrophic event was no accident & it is so amazing ot hear over & over from you how God is always providing for you!!!!!
    Huge prayers for no further aftershocks.

  2. We saw on the news that there was another earthquake, we are praying for you more today for sure! I know that our God is powerful and Mighty to save and I’m believing for God to continue to protect you as you do His work in Haiti…

    Kristi & Family

  3. God bless you two and your family. I am a friend of your dads here in connecticut cody. I am now a friend and supporter of you two also. I will be in touch to share more with you. keep up the good work.

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