Another day of giving aid…and lifting up the name of Jesus

Ok, this will not be a well written, well polished post like they normally are. Haha. I am very tired and it is getting way too late for me to be up after such a long day.

Normally, we would be in la la land at this time of the night (close to 11PM) but the truth is that there are many still up in our house gabbing away. Oh, did I forget to mention that Hotel Whittaker has expanded their occupancy capacity? We now have 10 Calvary Chapel pastors and leaders living in our house for the week. They kind of just showed up on our doorstep yesterday and asked if it was cool for them to stay with us. I had no idea what to say…I kind of just paused with my jaw hung open. And then I told them “Kay mwen…kay ou” (My house is your house). So, they are all here camped out all over our floors and yards. They are here to help and seek the lord as to how to best get involved to help out here in Haiti. So…it’s cool

Today, we got behind the iron gate of the world food program thanks to our friends at “Hands and Feet Project” who gave us clearance to come in and get some food to give out to the community. We loaded up our 2 vehicles again in the morning with a ton of food. We went back to our packing and distribution center (our driveway) and started sorting food so that we could give out to several different large family groups.

We loaded up the vehicles with the food designated for specific family groups whom we have been providing food for since the quake. We delivered the food to these groups and they were so happy. We also delivered a good size amount to a church down the street from our house that has many displaced people living there. We met the pastor and I asked him to lead us in a prayer of thanksgiving and a song. It was beautiful. They were so happy to get so much food. I would like to return and help them with more than just food, but maybe get a team to help them finish building their church. We could also do a medical clinic there and some programs for the children. The pastor said that he would love for me to come and preach sometime. So, Lord willing, we will return.

We also brought another doctor (one of the guys from the Calvary Chapel group) to one of the rural medical clinics that we have been helping out with supplies and doctors. They put him to work all day long. He will be there all day tomorrow as well performing surgeries for the many people there who are waiting.

All of the food that we loaded up in the morning was all given out before noon. We were like a well oiled machine.

We also spent part of the day looking at homes for our Haitian missionary friend and his family who are living with us since his home crashed. God has put it on our hearts to put some money together to get him into another home. God is providing for my friend as some of the short-term guys from Calvary Chapel here have also told me that the Lord has put it on their hearts to give financially to my friend to help him. God indeed provides for His children who trust in Him. We have no worries.

So, by noon we had given out all the food we had and our warehouse (spare bedroom) was empty again. In the evening, I get a call from Drex at Hands and Feet Project telling me that he has an organization called SCORE that he doesn’t even know sending him 40,000 pounds of rice and beans and he wants to send as much to us as we can possibly handle as well as help him get it out to some missionaries who we know will get it directly to the people. Again, God provides.

So, tomorrow we will rent a truck and spend the majority of our day loading supplies from the planes that bring this in and driving them to some missions that we know and trust to get it to the people, including driving a ton of it to our own mission (aka house). We are also expecting several thousand boxes being sent our way from Kids Against Hunger. We have many rural communities that we will start getting this aid to.

This evening around 9PM, we all gathered outside on our upper terrace and had a sweet time of worship and prayer with all of our house guests…all 15 of them.

Now…I am beat. Mwen ale dormi (I’m going to sleep)

2 thoughts on “Another day of giving aid…and lifting up the name of Jesus

  1. the good news should always include compassion ministry, that’s what Christ did. Thank god on your behalf for giving you the opportunity to minister in this area. blessings

  2. Dear Cody and Maria
    You are shining like stars in the universe as you hold out the word of truth!(Phil2:15,16)
    Through your story you are giving hope not only to the ones you are meeting face to face each day but also to those following your blog.
    Thankyou so much. We continue to pray for you new strength new hope and a new song.
    YOu are loved

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