A visit to a hospital in Cayes-Jacmel

Yesterday, we went to a hospital in the town of Cayes-Jacmel to bring a team from GO Ministries. This is the hospital that we have been bring supplies back and forth. We had the opportunity to talk to the doctors there and find out what their needs are. Rebecca Robinson from GO Ministries and I were able to witness a surgery and take pictures. The doctors are doing a great job treating the people with the tools they have. Unfortunately, the don’t have enough. They need more and they also need the right tools.

The man who was getting surgery had three different problems. The bones in his arm were out of place, he had a deep wound on his elbow, and the bones in his ankles were shattered. To make things worse he came to the hospital late and his leg was infected. They were thinking first of putting pins in his legs, but all they had were pins for the wrist. They thought they could make it work, but the infection was too much. If they do not amputate the leg, the man can die in the next few days. The final decision was to wait and let the man know that he would lose his leg so that he would not wake up from the surgery to find out that his leg was missing.

It was a very sad story. But what was really amazing was watching these doctors doing their best to serve the people of Haiti. They were truly serving Christ. Prayers were said over the man before they even began doing work. They were united in thought and they were doing their best to save lives. I was deeply touched to see the faith of these doctors. Please continue to pray for the medical teams coming here to help in Haiti. We need your continual prayer and support so that the doctors can do what they need to do to help the people. Although some have died during the earthquake, others will die because of the earthquake. So we need all of you to team up and support those that can help preserve lives.–Maria


A woman outside the hospital resting on the ground.


John Martinez from GO Ministries helping move a patient at the hospital.


Many patients are sleeping outside for fear of the aftershocks.


This is how it looks outside the hospital.


Inside the hospital are those that are recuperating from surgery.


Most of the injuries are foot injuries, arm injuries, and head injuries. These patients are resting after surgery.


Here is the team from GO Ministries and Cody talking to the doctor at the hospital.


Paul, a short term missionary from Calvary Chapel Old Bridge in New Jersey, is preaching the Gospel outside the hospital.


The doctors are sharing with us what their needs are.


Here we are getting ready to go into the surgery room.


The doctors prayed before the got to work.


This x-ray shows the bone inside this man’s ankle are all shattered.


The doctors work on putting the bones in his arm back in place.

5 thoughts on “A visit to a hospital in Cayes-Jacmel

  1. Thanks for your ministry of helping us share in what you are doing on the front lines. Knowing that my heart is where my treasure is (going) investing in Haiti’s healing is stirring up the fire within!

  2. Just wanted to say thank you! As I go through each day I tend to forget about God and the many blessings I have here. Your blog has hit my heart deeply. You have reached out and shared your thoughts, feelings, trials, and joys. I have been blessed through you and I wanted to let you know that God is using you in a way you can’t imagine…even back here in the USA. Thank you for your ministry to the Haitian people, and thank you for your commitment to Christ…I have been reminded how much I really need Him and how I cannot put things before a relationship with Him.

    God’s blessings to you!

  3. Dear Friends,
    In the 80’s I was deeply involved in the building of many of the buildings there at the hospital in Cayes Jacmel. How did they fare the earthquake. I would appreciate any info. Thanks, Vic Millard

  4. Karen George and I (an operating room nurse) have just returned from Jacmel trying to pick up where the tired volunteers left off working with surgical teams at Caye Jacmel Hospital. G.O. Ministries was there from the beginning organizing food, pilots, medical teams to Jacmel where large aircrafts could not access.
    I’m sorry I didn’t get to meet you and your family, we were leaving after one week as you were taking “the fresh volunteers” in. Keep up your tireless work. God bless you.

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