Visitors to Tytoo Gardens Orphanage

It has been a whirlwind of activity these last few days. Malaria has come to Tytoo Gradens Orphanage. Typhoid Fever has come too. 5 children are holed up in a room laying on mattresses on the floor moaning and groaning in pain. I feel like a nurse these days more than anything. 5 have malaria. Of those five, one also has Typhoid Fever and I have to bring the other 4 to the hospital tomorrow to get them tested for Typhoid Fever. If they test positive, then all 22 of the children will have to be tested since that might be an indicator that they are all drinking from an infected water source. Prayers are needed in so many ways.

We are trying as much as possible to keep our 2 girls away from the children at this time since there is so much rampant sickness going around. Our daily prayers have certainly changed since moving to Haiti. What used to be the bedtime prayer of, “Lord, help us have a good night sleep and have sweet dreams” has now become, “Lord, please keep the mosquitoes off of us. Please don’t let us get malaria. Please prevent us from getting sick…and oh yeah…please let us have sweet dreams too.”

Please keep us in prayer as we continue to seek the Lord for His will as to whether or not He is calling us here at this orphanage permanently. This interim time has certainly given us much insight into the way things are over here. There are many things that we need to consider and we ask for your prayers.

Our Creole is coming along as we have been put into a situation where we are forced to use it all throughout the day. I am pretty much able to communicate with the people things I need to say (with a charade or two thrown in) but it is often difficult understanding what the reply is. I have to ask the people to speak slow (and use their own charade or two if necessary) so that I can understand them. I still would like to get formal instruction, but the way things have been at the orphanage with all the sickness going on, I just do not have the time for formal class.