Steps to doing laundry in the Whittakers’ home

Today was laundry day! And I (Maria) wanted to share with all of you what a wonderful experience it is to do laundry in our home.

Step 1: Fill up an extra large blue container with clean fresh water from your shower.



Step 2: Make sure your washer is properly connected to the power source and away from water where you can be electrocuted.


Step 3: Make sure your washer is in proper working order and in a safe place.


Step 4: Load the washer with 14 buckets of cold fresh (well salty in our home) water. You must repeat this process twice. Once for the wash cycle and once for the rinse cycle.


Step 5: When clothes are clean remove from washer into a laundry basket.


Step 6: Take laundry basket up the small metal and dangerous steps all the way to the roof to be properly hung on the clothes line.


Step 7: Stop for a moment to enjoy what has been accomplished through much hard work.


Step 8: Repeat process with three additional loads.


Step 9: Wait about 1 hour for all loads to completely dry before removing them from the line.



As you can see, life in Haiti is just a bit different that life in the United States. Maybe…Just maybe, next time you dread doing your laundry you stop and thank your washer for being properly connected and in perfect working order. And you may want to give your dryer a big kiss too. 🙂 — Maria