Merry Christmas from Haiti!!

Last night, we had a big Christmas party for the children at the orphanage.  We had a wonderful time eating, playing, singing, dancing, and hanging out.  We hired two women to cook a huge feast.  The kids were so excited!!  We played the “WOW Christmas” CD which was rather interesting to hear songs such as “Let it Snow” or “Jingle Bell rock” when we are hanging out by the Caribbean Sea in shorts and a t-shirt.  But we all had a great time.  We gave each kid a card with some money in it so that they could buy exactly what they wanted.  They were so happy. 

 To close the party, we all gathered for a sweet time of worship.  I absolutely love playing my guitar and singing worship songs in another language.  It is like a small picture of what heaven will be like as we worship the Lord in all languages.  The generator and inverter went off in the middle of worship, so we just continued worshiping and praising the Lord in the pitch black.  It was beautiful just to lift our voices to the Lord and give Him thanks for all of His love and goodness.

 Now, we are about to have our own small Christmas celebration with our kids.  Thanks to some of you, our kids will get to open up some gifts and they are so excited.  We are so thankful for the effort and expense some of you put into sending some gift packages our way.  After our own little time this morning, we will go over to our mission base down the road and have a big party today with the other missionaries.  We should have a great time.  Then tomorrow…we’re off to Jacmel…one way

 This morning as we celebrate the most amazing gift that was ever given to us, the gift of Emmanuel “God with us”, we also remember so many of you that have been “with us” through prayer, giving, and so much encouragement.  We are so blessed to have you in our lives.  We are happy to be here in Haiti for our first Christmas.  Even though we do not have a tree or any decorations (simply because we are in a period of transition), our hearts are filled with joy knowing that the King of Kings and Lord of Lords is right here with us.  And that alone makes our Christmas so very special.

 We pray that your Christmas day is filled with love, laughter, and overflowing joy.

2 thoughts on “Merry Christmas from Haiti!!

  1. Just wanted to see if you received a shipment of shoes yet (Crocks and sneakers)? Not sure of how long it takes but we had hoped they would make it for Christmas. We prayed about it and we felt like we were supposed to put some shoes on feet. We found a local shoe store owner who has a heart for children and wanted to help so we shipped out a bunch last week. They should have made it to Agape Flights on the 22nd…not sure how often they come your way so keep an eye out for them.

    May God keep you safe under the shadow of his wings this evening. Psalm 91…

  2. Scott and Lesie, Wow!!! That is great to hear!! Thank you so much for thinking of the children of Haiti. Shoes on feet are ALWAYS needed here. It will be a great blessing for many.

    We did not yet receive the box, but I’m sure it will be here shortly. God bless you both for thinking of us and being available for the Lord to use you to be a blessing to somebody in need.

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