Latest Happenings

It has been a week of malaria and typhoid fever at Tytoo Gardens, 5 of the children tested positive for both. It has been a week of driving back and forth from the orphanage to the medical clinic, then to the hospital, then back to the medical clinic, etc… These girls were absolutely miserable for days. I felt so bad for them. Thankfully, they have all recovered now and are feeling fine. They completed their 3 day malaria medication today and will continue the antibiotics for the typhoid for another week. We have had to keep our 2 girls inside the house for the last several days because we did not want them getting sick also as Typhoid is contagious. It hasn’t been much fun for them being stuck inside and unable to play with the kids, but we had to do what we had to do.

 We will be heading down to Jacmel to visit another missionary couple on Sunday. We are excited to go as we have never been to the south part of the country and we hear that it is very beautiful.

 The heat here is insane!! We are sweating every night unless we have the fan on full power blowing 3 inches from our face. Then we don’t sweat…we just wake up every morning with a dry sore throat and a stiff neck. Haha. I should get the A/C in my 4runner serviced. With it so hot, the A/C has easily become the WA/C (warm air conditioner.) We saw a billboard today of some scene of snow capped mountains. We wanted to crash our car right into that billboard and somehow feel the coolness of that scene.

 Please continue to pray for us as we seek the Lord for direction regarding His will for our lives here in Haiti. It is so easy to get swayed by the need as it is everywhere you turn, but we really want to only be led by the Lord as to where He is calling us to go and what specifically He is calling us to do. Much prayers are needed.