First few days at Tytoo Gardens

We have spent the last several days moving all of our stuff from Global Outreach to our new mission at Tytoo Gardens.  It has been crazy busy for all of us.  We have been getting to know the children, all 22 of them.  I have been trying to spend as much time with them as possible just to get to know them, build relationships, and develop trust.  It has been a time of teaching them good behaviors, proper sanitation, and biblical truth.  It has been great.

 Directing an orphanage means a whole lot more than hanging out and playing with the kids all day and having fun, although there certainly needs to be some time to hang out and have fun.  But it also means overseeing all of the operations and ensuring that everything is running smoothly so that the children are best cared for.  It means overseeing the staff to make sure that they are doing their jobs well.  It means getting food and supplies and making sure that it is dispersed in such a way that it will last as long as possible.  It means making sure the children are taking medicine if they are sick.  It means wiping runny noses and repeating over and over again, “Pa mete men nan boush ou paske ou fe malad”, which means, “Don’t put your hands in your mouth because you are sick”.  A couple of the little ones still suck thumbs and fingers. 

 There is a lot of possibility for Tytoo Gardens, but there is a lot of work that needs to be done, and there are changes that need to be made in time in order to be most effective in ministering to the children.  We have begun instituting some little changes because we don’t want to come on in an overbearing manner.  We really want to develop relationships of trust and commitment before we start trying to institute major change.

Tonight, we had all the children over our house for a night of spaghetti, worship, and a movie.  The kids had so much fun.  I will have Maria post the pictures soon if our limited bandwith allows us to do so.

Maria has done a fantastic job making this house look like a home.  She says that she can definitely tell that a bachelor used to live here.  She is giving it a woman’s touch.  It is tarting to look good. We will have it painted when a mission teamof 50 co in early January. We would also like to have new tile put down on the floors since the current tile is super old, super dirty, and super gritty.  We cannot walk without shoes or slippers without our feet turning black.  I think once we have it painted and tiled it will look very nice…oh yeah, and once we get windows put in so the rats and mosquitoes are not able to come inside anymore…yeah, then it will be good.