Christmas Eve Paaaaaartyyyyyy @ Tytoo

We had so much with the kids at Tytoo Gardens for Christmas Eve. We hired two Haitian women to cook a great meal for the kids and the kids were so happy to have so much food. Here are some pictures of our party.


All the kids received a card from our family with a little gift of cash inside.


This is Louchmie. She is one of the older girls at Tytoo and one of the six that were very ill with both Typhoid fever and malaria a few weeks ago. She is doing great now.


This is Micheline. She just turned 13. We had a cake for her birthday. Did you know that cake in Creole is gato. In Spanish gato means cat. It was kind of funny to think the kids were having a cat for birthday. LOL!


This is Alexandra. She is very good friends with Isabela. Isabela says she loves her very much.


This is Dashca. She is, in my opinion, the sweetest girl at Tytoo. She has a great attitude and is fun.


This is our friend Santalin. She is the slave girl that Cody wrote about in a past post. She is not part of Tytoo, but we gladly invited her to our party.


Here is Blondina. I call her “tapaje” which means “trouble maker”. She’s really sweet and funny. She can really make you laugh.


Here is Nannal. He is probably the most resourceful kid in Tytoo. He loves animals, plants, and his bike.


Here is Cody’s tapaje girl. This is Nerlande. She is adorable. Very sweet girl.


These are the two ladies that cooked the big meal for the kids. The were pretty busy in the kitchen for many hours.


This is what you get when you put Haitians in the kitchen.


And here is what you get when you let them work. YUM!



I found out that the kids hadn’t had a meal this big in a very very long time. We were very glad that they enjoyed every bite of it.



Fried chicken!!! They do fry the chicken quite a bit in Haiti. I was wondering where did the meat go.


Here is happy face–Yoline. She the youngest girl. She is only three years old.


Here is Jessie. He is the youngest boy. He is only three too.


This is sweet Lovely. She was the first girl that had symptoms of Typhoid and malaria. But there was no typhoid and malaria in this party, only sweet smiles.


Here is a sample serving of what the kids got. Now I must say this is just one serving out of the three or four servings these kids got. They just kept on going for more.


Christella is certainly not shy about taking the first plate and the first bite.


Oh yeah!!! The feast has begun!


You always get smiling faces after you feed the bellies.

All the little ones are happy. Look! That one in the front is Celine. She is the funniest little one at Tytoo.

See what I mean?


This is Daphne. And for her an empty plate means a very happy heart!


Did Louchmie go for thirds?


I guess so, ‘cuz the food is all gone. 🙂


Cody and our friend Oscar. He has been a tremendous help to us at Tytoo.


Micassia and Isabela. I love Micassia. She has all it takes for success: beauty, spunk, and a great love for God.


The newest member of Tytoo, Feker. He is funny and he loves the camera. If there is a camera around there is also Feker posing in front. 🙂


Josue, me, and Christella. There is supposed to be a Christmas tree behind us too.


Cody, Wyrlande, and Susana.


Me and my sweet friend, Madeline.


The dudes of Tytoo: Kendy, Cody, Nannal, and Matthiew


Cody and MarieCarmen. She is one of the oldest girls and the seamstress in the house.


Feker, Susana, Micassia, and Yoline. Having fun in the wee hours of the night.


What a crowd!!!


Here is Bedine (in the green blouse). She is the lady long legs of the group. Can you see those long legs?


And we ended the night with worship to Jesus.

We had a great time with the kids. It was truly a blessing to see them so happy. My favorite part was getting many hugs and kisses and I love yous. Even though our Christmas wasn’t as fancy in many ways as it would normally be in the USA and we weren’t with family and didn’t have any material presents to open, I would not trade this year’s Christmas for anything. Being able to see many smiles in the faces of children that live in absolute poverty made me the richest, happiest, and most content woman in the world. Fancy has a new meaning to me. After all, we were celebrating Jesus–the man born in a stable in similar conditions to the ones we see here in Haiti. Merry Christmas everyone! Thank you for your support which in turn gave the kids of Tytoo a spectacular day! –Maria

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  1. Thank you so much for these wonderful pictures and comments. We sponsor Daphne and it is great to get such a wonderful picture of her.

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