Our first day in Gonaives, Haiti

Well, we made it up to Gonaives this morning after a long and insane bumpy 3 hour ride. Our 4Runner was certainly initiated on this trip, and it did really good.

We are staying with our friends Emory and Mary Wilson, the people we are praying about working together with. They are an awesome couple who have moved to Gonaives a few years ago and are working among some of the poorest of the poor in Haiti in an area called Jubilee de Blanc. They have a feeding program that feeds about 200 children per day. They just started a school a few months ago. And they just moved into a large facility that will serve as their new home, but also a medical clinic. They really are a fabulous couple…and very very humble.

So, shortly after arriving, we went next door to see his old home that is now available for rent. We have been praying (if it’s the Lord’s will for us to move here) about utilizing the home for us to live in, but also to take in orphaned and abandoned children. The home has 5 bedrooms and is somewhat spacious for Haiti standards. It needs a fair amount of work, but we could definitely see potential.

After hanging out some with some of the children that Emory and Mary have living with them, we then went to Jubilee de Blanc to do the feeding program. I can’t believe how poor these people are in this area. I have never seen anything like it. When they saw us coming down the road towards them, all the children started running towards the shelter where the food is distributed. So many of them were naked, filthy dirty, no shoes, etc. But they were all precious in my sight, and in the sight of the Lord. I had such a great time sharing with them, getting to know some of them, and just trying to share the love of Jesus with them. It was awesome!! To know that in a neighborhood where so many are starving and struggling, that these children are getting at least one meal a day. One can look at it and say “How heartbreaking”, but I choose to look at it and say, “How beautiful”. These kids are walking away with full bellies, and in Haiti that is a beautiful thing.

After the feeding program, we were just supposed to hang out some with a team that has been here for a week, but something came up where Emory had to go to the hospital and help somebody that had gotten hurt yesterday. So, I went along with him. I have never been in a hospital such as this. It looked like an old abandoned warehouse. There were sick babies all around. One of the babies belonged to a woman that Emory had met earlier. Her baby had a serious infection in her skin and needed surgery. I laid hands on her tiny little body and asked God to heal her and comfort her in her distress.

Later in the evening, we all went up to the roof to sing some worship songs to the Lord and give Him thanks for all that He has done. It has been a great day. We are still seeking the Lord and asking Him to reveal His plan to us so that we might follow in obedience and joy. I will put up a link for the pictures soon. N a we pita (see you later)