Man makes his plans…but God directs his steps

We had indeed made our plans to move to Camp Coq and work with the pastor there and minister to the orphaned children in the area, but God has directed our steps elsewhere. After continued discussions about our ministry partnership with this pastor, it became apparent to us that our visions for ministry were different. Therefore, after much prayer and counsel we decided to pursue ministry opportunities in a different area. We made this decision just days before flying out to Haiti. It was very difficult to make such a big decision at the last minute, but we are confident that God has directed us in every manner.

The question of what we will do has not changed. We still have a vision and passion to work with orphaned children and at-risk youth. In fact, our vision is developing more as far as what exactly that will look like. We would like to start a children’s home, not an orphanage. The difference is in more than just words. Many orphanages here take in a large number of orphaned or abandoned children under one roof. These children now receive food, clothing, and shelter, but often not much more than that. They often do not get the personal attention, love, nurture, discipline, and family environment that every healthy child needs. Therefore, we want to develop a children’s home – a place that will have a “Mom” and a “Dad” that will care for these children and raise them up in a family environment. These children will be loved, discipled, disciplined, given chores, taken out for fun family outings, etc…all the things that a family should be and do. We want to be that first “Mom” and “Dad” with the home that we live in. We would take in no more than 8-10 children so that each one is able to be effectively cared for. Eventually, we would like to develop additional children’s homes and get other people that have that call to be “Mom” and “Dad” to orphaned and abandoned children. Along with the children’s home, we also continue to desire starting a program that provides food, education, and discipleship to poor and at-risk children in the community.

But the question of “Where will we go?” is wide open at the moment. Well, not exactly wide open. We have some possibilities that look really good. We are not anxious or fearful or anything like that. We know that God is leading us and unfolding a great plan before us…something more than we could ever ask for, think, or imagine. There are so many places in Haiti that need help. There are so many missionaries or missions that we can work along side of. We just want to be certain of where God is leading us.

We will be traveling to Gonaives in the North next week to spend some time with a missionary friend of mine who is doing some amazing work with the poorest of the poor and wants to expand that vision. We are really praying about the possibility of moving there as him and I both agree that our visions completely complement one another. Please keep these things in prayer for us.

Thanks so much to everyone who has been supporting us in so many ways. We are privileged to be partnering together with you for the sake of the Kingdom of God. To God be all the glory!

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