I Finally Smell Like Haiti

Last night was my first real opportunity since we arrived to get into the community and minister to the youth and children of Haiti. I went with 2 of the other missionaries here at the base to a crusade that was being held in the village a few miles down the road. It was the last night of the 4 day crusade, and once again it was packed out with about 2,000 people. Practically the whole village was there. Some of the Haitian pastors put this crusade together each year at this time as a way to lift up the name of Jesus during the same time that most people are celebrating All Souls Day, which is a Voodoo holiday that gives honor to the spirits of the dead. All throughout Haiti, people were traveling to the cemetery with their offerings and staying there all night long in order to appease the spirits of the dead. Therefore, what a great thing it is for these pastors to hold a crusade that exalts the name of our living God when many others are seeking the dead. We had a great time…for the whole 5 hours!!!

And so I finally smell like Haiti as the entire time I was there, children and youth were swarming about me. I know that many of them were just so curious to talk to a blan (white person), but I certainly used the opportunity to point them to Jesus and encourage them to worship God. It was great! I am coming along in my Creole more and more and so I was able to communicate with them piti piti (a little) and share God’s love with them. After singing, worshiping, and dancing with them, I was so tired. So I climbed up on the roof of the truck where we had 2 chairs to sit so that I could relax a little and get a break. Before long, the swarm of children were all begging me to pick them up and put them on the roof with me and another missionary. At first, I said no for fear of having so many people on the roof that the tires pop, but before long, I picked up one…then another…and another…and so on. At one point, there were about 10 kids sitting up there with us, 4 of which were sitting on my lap!! It was great though…these children are just so precious. One of the ti fi yo (little girls) named Megaline had just such a pretty voice and so we just sat there together and sang songs to Jesus in Creole. I was reminded of the verse, “From the lips of children you have ordained praise.”

As I mentioned, the crusade lasted for over 5 hours. I was so tired that, to myself, I was begging God to have this man stop preaching!!! I’m serious…sometimes they just go on and on. Since God was not answering my holy prayer, I just decided to try and close my eyes and fall asleep, but that was a little difficult to do with 4 Haitian children climbing all over me and examining my body as if I was at the doctor’s office getting a complete physical! They poked my eyes, ran their tiny dirty hands all over my hair, pulled the hair on my leg, stuck their fingers in my ear, and scratched my beard. We had a good time, but I did not get to fall asleep. So, I finally smell like Haiti even though, yes, I did take a shower after my physical. – Cody

2 thoughts on “I Finally Smell Like Haiti

  1. so excited for you guys! glad it’s going well. steve & i (& ethan!) are going to GO on thursday for the conference. we have your web page on our RSS feed now, so we’ll keep in touch!

  2. Wow Cody, what a fabulous story. Praise God for 2,000 people there to hear the message of Jesus Christ. So tell me, what does the smell of Haiti smell like or do I want to know? So happy to hear you got your annual physical. Did everything suit the ti fi yo? Five hours of preaching; don’t think I could get through that unless there was beeeeauuuuuutiful music scattered with it. Hello to Maria, Isabela, Susana and Casey.
    Miss you and love you guys.


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