From whacking to discipleship…all in a day’s work

Yesterday afternoon, I helped one of the other missionaries who is building a basketball court on the compound here as part of his vision for discipling youth in the community. His name is Chris Brumley. He has been in Haiti for 7 years. He shared with me his vision for using the compound to bring in tons of youth from the various villages for discipleship, bible study, leadership development, etc. I think he has a fantastic vision and I am so excited to see what this compound looks like in the next few years. I hope it is a lot messier and dirtier than it is now…that will be an indicator of how many kids will have been through here. There is another missionary couple that just arrived 5 months ago, and they share in the same vision as Chris. Please pray that this compound will bring in many people to hear and respond to the truth of Jesus Christ.

So, Chris is in the developing stages of building this basketball court. They are just clearing and leveling the ground, then they will pour the concrete. In order to level the ground, we were using a whacker (that’s really the name). It’s this big machine that you hold and walk around with that pounds the ground over and over so that it levels out. I saw some of the guys using it for a while and I wanted to help them by giving them a rest, so I asked them if I could take over. They agreed. That’s when I’m sure the laughter began. This whacker took me out to lunch! It was so heavy! I couldn’t believe how easy these Haitian guys were making it look like. So, I whacked for about 10 minutes…just long enough to have every one of my ribs come loose…and then I begged to have the experts take over. I helped clear rocks and water down the dirt so that it settles better. It was so good just to walk the length and width of that court, while praying that the ground would be holy ground where salvation would reach many and that lives would be changed for the glory of God.

After finishing for the day, I joined Chris for his discipleship group. He has been discipling a group of young Haitian guys (older teens) for several years. They all speak English now, so the meeting was in English, which was good because it enabled me to really contribute to the group. I am really amazed at how much these guys knew about the bible and the kinds of questions that they were asking. These guys really wanted to know Jesus more. We had a great time studying Proverbs chapter 6. I hope to join them each time that they meet.

Immediately after the group, we had a dinner invite from another missionary who lives on this property. She is not with Global Outreach, but her and her husband live here. They are Steve and Judy Revis. They have been in Haiti for many many years. They have done some amazing work with the deaf as well as well drilling and irrigation. They have a book written about their lives called “Just Go”. We had such a great time hanging out with Judy, being encouraged, and hearing some incredible stories of faith and struggle.

We passed out at 9PM!!! We were so tired. But what a great day it was!!