An open door in Haiti

We are ever so thankful to the Lord that He has brought us into a position where we will be serving as Interim Directors of Tytoo Gardens Children’s Mission.  This consists of an orphanage that currently holds 21 children, a feeding program in the surrounding village, and other school sponsorship programs.  We are so excited to see how God has led us to this place.  It is located about 25 minutes from where we are currently staying.  It is located right on the water, so the views from our balcony are often breath taking, although the cleanliness of the water is certainly in question.

 This is a great location for us to serve for several reasons.  One is that we are not far from our other Global Outreach missionaries that are living at the compound in addition to being just down the road from another mission that has several missionaries serving there full-time.  So, we are in a great community for support and networking.  The other reason is that we are only about an hour outside of Port au Prince, which makes getting groceries and other supplies much easier as well as transporting mission teams.

 So, why is it an interim position?  Well, we are certainly sure that this is the place where we want to be, but the orphanage is currently being funded and operated by a church group in Canada.  I have spoken at length with the pastor and, after sharing our heart, vision, and passion, and seeing that it is in line with the vision of the board, he asked us to come on board as Interim Directors, but he wants to meet us in person when he is down here in January, along with some other members of the board, to see if it is a good fit for us as well as for them.  So, this next month or so will be kind of like a trial run for the both of us and then in January we will make a final determination if we will become permanent Directors for this mission.

 We are so excited.  We had visited there a few times and felt that it was a place where we could really live out the vision and call that God has given us, and so we have been in prayer since then.  We were just there today bringing over some of our stuff and we will make our complete move tomorrow.  We told the kids there and they all seemed very excited, especially the little ones.  They are such beautiful children and we are so privileged to be able to care for them and show them the love of Jesus.  I was already sharing the truths of God’s love with them today with the little Creole that I know.  I was telling them that God made the beautiful sunset that we were looking at, and He made the sea, and He made each of us.  And then I told them all that God loves them very very much.  It was just a small glimpse of how we will be able to love and disciple these kids in the ways of God.

 There will certainly be many challenges ahead of us as we step into a new role, cast new vision, make needed changes, etc.  But the joy of being able to love and care for those that have been abandoned, orphaned, or neglected far outweighs the challenges that we will face.  We are thankful that the Lord has led us to this place and we will do our very best in sharing Christ with these children with our words and our lives.

 Thank you to all of you who have been faithfully praying and supporting us through this time of waiting on God.  He really is faithful and we gladly serve Him with our lives.

 I will have Maria put some pictures up on our blog as soon as possible.

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  1. What an exciting opportunity! Those children are going to be incredibly blessed by getting to know your sweet family.

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