Things about Haiti that I quickly learned

  • A pack of two T-bone steaks costs about $3.50.
  • A pack of Oreo cookies is about $6.00 and it is not even the Double Stuff kind.
  • A medium size bag of dog food costs about $30.00. Time to put the dog on a diet.
  • The Great Value brand from Walmart is more expensive that the brand name food
  • 1 liter of whole milk is the price of a whole gallon in the USA. Yikes!
  • Goats are afraid of a dog.
  • People are afraid of a dog.
  • There are tarantulas crawling in my closet. Shhh!! The girls don’t know it yet.
  • There are more tarantulas crawling outside the house too.
  • If ants get in your food, such as an unopened bag of lollipops, just freeze the whole bag. The ants will eventually leave.
  • Cold showers actually feel really good given the right conditions.
  • There are about 200 different species of bugs on my bed. The more I kill them the more they come back.
  • You can quickly spend $8100 at the supermarket without guilt. Of course, it is $8100 Haitian dollar.
  • Haitians know how to cook. And they do everything they make is good even when they have no “recipe” for what they make.
  • Unless you are professional wrestler you should not drive in Port-au-Prince.
  • The largest supermarket is about one tenth of the size of Walmart, but it takes about two hours to find what you want and when you find it you must determine how badly you want it.
  • Port-au-Prince has two kinds of roads: bad and worse.
  • In Kreole, all unnecessary words are left out. The shorter your sentence the better. –Maria

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