Remember the stones…

I wish I could be more creative in my post tonight, but the truth is that I just plain don’t have the mental or physical energy.  We have been so incredibly busy getting ready for the big move to Haiti that I barely have had time to think, let alone blog.  I was in need of and really looking forward to taking some extended time alone with the Lord today to just read my bible, pray, and seek Him with all my heart.  I got in my car with those wonderful intentions, but before I was just minutes into my drive, my wife called me and told me a few things that needed to be done immediately regarding our new vehicle registration and such, and so my envisioned long alone time with God turned into a mere 5 minutes of reading Deuteronomy while I was waiting for my rental car to pick me up.  (He said that he would be there in 20 minutes, but ended up showing up in just 5)  So much for the extended time alone with God today.  But I just prayed in my car as I was driving from one thing to the next that the Lord would just give me the grace and strength that I need to get all these things done and to keep my heart and my mind fixed on Him.  Tomorrow does not look good either as far as having extended time.  We will be extremely busy from the time we get up until late at night.  The busy-ness certainly is exciting though as it is not just busy for the sake of busy, but rather busy because God is bringing to fruition the plans that He has laid out for us from the beginning of time that He would call us as missionaries to the orphaned and poor in Haiti. So, I know that the presence of God goes with me even amidst all the busy activity.  But I just long for that alone time with Him where I can just share my thoughts and reflect on His promises in His word. 

We just purchased a 1997 Toyota 4Runner yesterday, which took the entire day for traveling and looking at SUV’s.  Thank the Lord that He led us to the right one.  This is a serious truck!!!  I feel like I can run over anything in it…not that I wanted the truck to run over things…but you know…its just nice to know that you can run over stuff such as smaller cars or annoying people should the need arise:)  So, now that we got the 4Runner, we have been going like crazy trying to get it registered, insured, titled, etc so that we can ship it to Haiti.  One thing I am learning about the DMV…its never in and out…there’s always a problem…and a need to come back again another day and do it all over again.  Such was the case today.  So, hopefully tomorrow my odds increase.

Tomorrow, we get the 26ft. Penske rental truck and load it up with all our stuff.  We have been amazed at the Lord’s provision, both for us as a family and also what He has provided for the ministry, not that those two are really separate anyway.  All that I can say these days is that God is soooo good.  I am amazed every day as He continues to provide for us in the most AMAZING ways.

I was sharing with some friends tonight about the need to remember all that God is doing for us.  I keep saying to the Lord that I am thankful to Him for giving us these “memorial stones” that will help us remember just how good and faithful He was in providing for us.  We will need these “stones” to remember during times where we experience hardship, stress, fears, doubts, pain, etc.  When those times come, it may be difficult for us to hold strong in our faith, and it is there that we will need to remember the memorial stones…to look back at where God has brought us from and to reflect on His miraculous provision, promises, grace, and faithfulness.  Just like the Israelite children were commanded by the Lord to set up big white stones on the banks of the Jordan river, so that when the children’s children asked their fathers the meaning of the stones, they would be able to recall how it was there that the Lord dried up the flow of the Jordan river so that the Israelites were able to pass over into the promised land, thus reminding the Israelites once again of the faithful provision of the Lord for His children.  I am so thankful for the stones that the Lord has given us.  May we remember always His amazing provision for us.  He has left each and every one of us with many memorial stones.  What are some of your stones? (yes, this is an opportunity for you to leave a comment:) – Cody

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