Overwhelmed by His love

Last Friday I took Maria out to dinner for a much needed date night out.  Even though we don’t have a lot of money since we’re getting ready for the mission field, I wanted to take her to a nice restaurant and just have a real special time with her.  At first we had coupons from restaurant.com to a Jamaican restaurant that looked really nice.  So, we got all dressed up for a nice special evening, but when we got to the restaurant, it was a total dive – hole in the wall type place.  So, we didn’t even stop and drove right by.  Maria suggested this nice restaurant that recently opened up in a nice section of town.  She said she remembered hearing that the prices were reasonable…so we decided to go.

When we got there, we saw that the prices were in our range if we were to share an appetizer only and a glass of water.  Haha.  But, like I said, I just wanted to have a special evening with my wife and so I told her not to worry about the prices and that we should just order what we wanted.  So, unlike any other time out to dinner, we actually ordered an appetizer in addition to our main course.  Our conversation was wonderful as we talked about how much we are learning about the faithfulness of God…that He really loves us and knows all the details of our lives.  A few minutes later, a good friend of ours that goes to our church comes over and says hello to us.  She told us that she works there and asked us if we had any coupons.  I said we did not, so she tells me that she has a coupon for a free appetizer and then she gave it to us!  That was sooo cool.  We never order an appetizer simply to try to save on cost, and this time we order one because we just didn’t want to worry over prices…and minutes later our friend comes and gives us a coupon for a free appetizer.  How cool is that?  But it gets even better.

After we chat with her for a few minutes here and there about Haiti and where we are in the process and such, and after we enjoyed a very good meal, and after we continue to talk about how amazing God is that He gave us that free coupon, the check arrives.  I was excited to see that it wasn’t going to break our bank. Even though we both said we would order whatever we wanted, we are both just still too conscious of excessive spending (I guess being in a third world country does that to you???) so we had both ordered entrees that were probably the cheapest on the menu.  So, the bill wasn’t so so bad.  So, I handed the ol plastic to our server and waited for the receipt.

A minute later, one of the restaurant workers walks out to us and says, "Are you Mr. and Mrs. Whittaker?"  Of course we reply yes.  She then tells us her name and that she heard from our friend (the one that gave us the free appetizer coupon) what we are doing in Haiti and that she just paid for our dinner as a way of saying "Thank you" for how we are trying to care for the orphans and the poor.  Isn’t that amazing!!!!!!  Honestly, both Maria and I started to cry.  We were just so overwhelmed by God’s love towards us.  It amazed me to think that the God of this universe really knows all the details of my life and that in His infinite wisdom and love, He saw it fit to stir the heart of a person we did not know to pay for our dinner just as a way for God to say to me, Cody and Maria, I love you.  Oh man…I’m still overwhelmed even as I write this.  He really is so good.