Off to Haiti for 7 days…

Tomorrow morning, I board a plane for Haiti at 6:45 AM out of Miami.  I will be there for 7 days.  Part of the trip is to do missions work (VBS, evangelism, etc.)  and the other part is to get our house prepared over there for our upcoming move in the fall, Lord willing.

Confession – I don’t feel prepared for this trip.  Usually before taking a mission trip, I am a lot more spiritually prepared.  I usually pray quite a bit beforehand and I am usually thinking a lot about the trip.  I usually am having some good quiet times reading my bible,praying, and just getting myself prepared for the things that God has for me.  Unfortunately that has not been the case for this upcoming trip…and I’m praying for the grace of God to cover me.  We have been so busy traveling around, sharing our vision for Haiti, and building our support team, that I haven’t had much of a moment to even think about this upcoming trip.  We have been in FL for the past several days staying with my wife’s family in a tiny one room efficiency apartment in South Miami.  Therefore I have not had any moment to myself for prayer and alone time with God due to the fact that her whole family is in town and the place is crawling with kids, the lovely spanish tv is on all day long with all the “lovely” spanish novelas, and the conversation in this place never stops for a minute.   (I should have gotten up very early to have some time alone with God, but I just can’t function well so early in the morning…therefore the early early morning quiet time just doesn’t work for me.)  Also, I mentioned that we are in South Miami which lends itself to a lot of other “distractions”… all over the place.

So, I am hoping for even just the few hours that I have while waiting for my flight where I can just take some time and quiet my heart before the Lord and ask Him to prepare my heart for the week ahead.  As a matter of fact, I am going to take a walk now and just spend some much needed time with my Heavenly Father.  I feel desperate for Him to meet with me.  I am a desert in need of an oasis.  My soul thirsts for Him.  I will draw near to Him in expectation that He will draw near to me.  He’s good like that.