We’ll go wherever we need to go, whenever we need to go, and however we need to go  to share our vision for what God is calling us to do in Haiti as missionaries working with the orphans and the poor.

Our first “wherever” will be Connecticut as we leave tomorrow morning and make our 14 hour drive in our 95 Honda Accord with 160,000 miles and an A/C system that works to the degree that the sweat doesn’t  run down our face, but rather stays in one place.  CT is my hometown.  I have lots of family and friends there.  We will be there from June 28th – July 6th.  I pray that we will get to share our vision with many people and many will want to join our support team.  I may be forced to take a half day and flyfish on some good trout waterswith my brother who states that he would like to support us and that we can talk about it while casting a line…suffering for the Gospel…that’s me:)

The next “wherever” is Delaware immediately after CT.  We will be there for a week as well from July 6th – 13th.  We will be staying with a couple of different people while there.  Right now it is two different families, but that may change if we end up wearing out our welcome.  Same mode of dynamic transportation of course.  We have lots of friends and church family there as we just moved from there where we were in full-time ministry.

After Delaware, we take a short week and a half breather, and then pack the ol’ Honda Accord again with the bags and the kids and drive south this time down to FL with a possible stop in Atlanta to share our vision for Haiti with a friend.  We will be there for 2 weeks, one of those weeks I will be in Haiti doing a mission trip and also getting our place prepared for us to move in the fall.  My wife lived in FL for many years, therefore FL is the place where she knows many people.  We hope and pray that we are able to share our vision with her old friends and associates and that God will give them the desire to join our support team.

Major prayer request…please pray that our little 95 Honda Accord gets us to all of our intended destinations…we don’t care if we arrive sweaty…we just want to arrive.

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