Hi Ho! Hi Ho! Off To Get Passports We Go!

I can’t believe we are actually getting passports for the kids. All three of them! It was fun to take them to Kinkos to get their not so flattering passport pictures taken.

Susana, our three year old, doesn’t like getting her picture taken. Whenever she sees one of us with the camera she turns her head down and refuses to look up. When she is not being firm about expressing her feelings for the camera she gives us a two second window of opportunity to take a picture before she jumps up and runs toward the camera shouting “Can I see? Can I see?” She gets all excited about seeing a picture of the top of her head running to grab the camera from our hands. She is a riot!

Then we have Isabela whose goal in life is to let you know that she is all GIRL. Her princess pose is her trademark. You know, head tilted to the side, shoulders a little bit raised, and a sweet girly smile. Well, that sounds good for our family scrapbook, but not for the Department of Homeland Security. According to their standards, princess or not, they are only looking for the more traditional sit straight and look at the camera shot—something that Isabela has a hard time delivering.

Of course, we can’t forget Mr. I don’t like the camera—Ervin. Thankfully, his picture came out good! You won’t find him complaining of a bad passport shot. Yay!! One of three is better than zero out of three good pictures. At least the government won’t think our whole family is funny looking.

Getting passports for the kids makes our move to Haiti more real to me. Of course, we haven‘t been approved by the mission organization yet, so please pray for that. We should hear from them sometime early next month. We will keep everyone posted as soon as we hear anything from them.

In the meantime, we continue to prepare and trust that the Lord will meet us every step of the way.