An explanation of the last post

Ok Ok, I know that all thousands (cough cough) of my readers are thinking…man Cody, that last post was really deep and really short…so uncharacteristic of you in both of those ways.  So, I thought that now would be a good of a time as ever to introduce you to another author of  She’s funny…she’s smart…she’s deep…she likes to take long walks on the beach on summer days and sip hot cocoa by the fire on snowy days…She’s taken…she’s the coolest girl in the world…she’s beautiful…she is my wife!!!!

So, I am amazed at some of the things that she comes up with when we talk about God.  God has really given her a gift for understanding the bible and drawing deep truths from it.  When she shared that quote with me (the post below), I thought it was from a John Piper book or Oswald Chambers or something like that.  I was amazed when she said that she wrote it.  One day, maybe after she’s gone to heaven, I will have all of her words published in a devotional that will only become famous after she’s gone…that’s how it always is with great literary works.

So, if you see a post that talks about fishing or blocks or some simple  ABC way of understanding the gospel, then I probably wrote it.  But if you happen to see a post that is so full of depth and awe and amazement, then be assured it was my lovely wife who wrote it.

It’s great to live with such a theologian.  I am often challenged by many of the things that we discuss pertaining to our pursuit of God.  I am also very television challenged as every time I just want to sit down and veg out and watch some television, here comes my lovely wife with BIG bible in hand and pages and pages of notes that she must share with me at that very moment:)  Haha.  So, what’s going on with Seinfeld these days?