We are planning to move to Haiti

We’re moving to Haiti to minister to the orphaned children.  It’s…somewhat official …but we still have to get approved with another missions board and then raise our support)

We are completely confident that this is God all the way that has called us and is already orchestrating incredible details to begin moving us forward.  It will take some time…I’ll share more details later, but I am just so excited that I had to get the first word out…”We’re moving to Haiti!!!”

One thought on “We are planning to move to Haiti

  1. Hello! My name is Amber, i am in the 10th grade, and i attend a Christian school in Maryland. We were just assigned a missons paper and i am choosing to do mine on the Haitians of Haiti. One of the requirements of this paper is that we are to contact someone who has or is currently serving at the place we are doing our report on. So i was wondering if you could be of help. I have a lot of questions already in mind and i was wondering if there is some way that we could talk (by blog or by emails?). Please get back as soon as you can.
    Thanks, Amber B!

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