“Tomorrow Never Comes”

I was reading through some of my old journals this morning and I came across something that I wrote over 5 years ago, but still speaks to me today.  Perhaps you too can relate.  Let me know.  Enjoy

“Tomorrow Never Comes”

It is a day when things are supposed to be better.  A day when things will be different,  a day that will be the start of something new…a day when I will change.  But it is the day that eludes me most…a day that is like sand slipping through my fingers.  A day that I can never truly get a hold of…like a dog trying to chase his tail.  That day is called “tomorrow”.  I have many promises that are stored there.  I have dreams that rest neatly in a pile…layer upon layer…dust on top of dust.  I have my new wardrobe that awaits me there that will make me look like a different person than I am today.

But this day which is only 24 hours away seems to take light years to reach.  “Tomorrow” has been my hope, my comfort, and my excuse.  “Tomorrow” always looks so much better than today, so I’ll just wait…things will be different this time.  I’m gonna be more disciplined, more committed, more loving, more holy.  I’m just gonna wait…until tomorrow.

I’m reminded of the movie “Rocky III” when Apollo Creed is training Rocky to fight the vicious Clubber Lang.  Rocky is lacking motivation and is just going through the motions.  Apollo notices this, and in great frustration screams, “Damn Rock!  What’s the matter with you?”  Rocky quietly replies, “tomorrow”.  Apollo, knowing that there is not much time before Rocky will face this merciless enemy, screams, “There is no tomorrow…There is no tomorrow.”

I often find myself, just like Rocky, saying “tomorrow.”  Tomorrow will be the day…you’ll see.  But then the words of Apollo begin ringing in my ear, “there is no tomorrow….there is no tomorrow.”  For I too am facing a merciless enemy.  This enemy not only wants to bash my face in, but also wants to take my soul.  But God has given me the instructions for how to be victorious  He has given me the equipment needed to train daily.  But the Lord would also say, just like Apollo, “There is no tomorrow…you must train today.”  Rocky had it a little easier than me.  He knew the scheduled date of this one-time, fifteen 3 minute round fight.  He knew that on a certain date, he would step into the ring to fight.  But I don’t have that luxury.  My enemy does not schedule his fights with me.  Whenever I say “tomorrow”, my enemy attacks today.  God warns me of this in His word in 1Pet. 5:8  “Be sober, be vigilant, because your adversary the devil walks about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour.” 

Our adversary is likened to a lion on the hunt.  A lion that is hungry does not give warning.  Can you imagine a lion going up to a zebra and saying, “Excuse me, Mr. zebra, I just thought I’d let you know that I’m gonna be hungry in a couple of hours, so I’ll be back here to tear you apart.”  That is absurd.  But it is just as absurd to think that I can keep saying “tomorrow” when satan is targeting me today.

So, for me, there is no tomorrow…there is no tomorrow.  Training must begin today.  Discipline must begin now.  God has called me to be sober and vigilant.  To be sober means to be in the right mind, to have my thoughts in control.  To be vigilant means to be strong and take action, like a soldier.  A good soldier is always prepared for today, for they know that they must be ready at any minute for an attack.  So, I too must be sober and vigilant, ready at any minute for an attack.

“Tomorrow” is a word that must decrease in my vocabulary.  My tomorrows have turned into days, weeks, and years.  There is a thick layer of dust on all my promises locked inside a room that I can never seem to open.  In some paradoxical way, I must put tomorrow behind me rather than leave it in front of me.  I must begin training now.  I must be more disciplined, more committed, more loving, and more holy.  And these are things that I am going to do…today