Some special highlights of my trip to Haiti

  • Eating Greole Completa from the vendors on the road (fried pork, fried plantains, and a spicy shredded cabbage)  mmmmnn….yummy
  • Sharing the gospel with Joseph Enoch, a 17 yr old boy in Gonaives, and praying with him to receive Christ as Savior and Lord. (my friend Fritznel, who lives in Haiti, told me that he has called Joseph since I met him and continues to talk to Joseph about new life in Jesus.  I am so excited to hear that.)
  • Preaching the Word of God in the church in Gonaives on Sunday morning.(I just love preaching God’s Word in another country – it just shows how universal the truth of God’s Word is)
  • Listening to the children at the orphanage sing praise songs to Jesus by candlelight
  • Islan’s (one of the orphaned girls) sweet kiss on the cheek and big hug when she first saw me
  • Jeff’s laugh (the littlest orphan boy) when I tickled him
  • Shela’s beautiful smile when she saw the clothes that Maria (my wife) got for her
  • Playing soccer (futbol) with the orphan boys using an unripened orange just picked off the tree in the yard of the mission (now, that’s what I call tribal missions!!!)
  • Talking to my wife on the phone and then surprising her by having Shela talk to her. (it made her cry because she was so happy)
  • Hearing my 4 yr old daughter tell Shela over the phone “God bless you” in Creole language. (perhaps she is a missionary in the making)
  • Praying and singing praise songs with Fritznel each night before going to sleep
  • Seeing all of the orphaned kids sitting at the huge table at the mission with smiles on their faces as they ate lots of food and drank soda.

One thought on “Some special highlights of my trip to Haiti

  1. Hi Cody. Just finished reading “Shela’s Path”, and your compassion for the Haitian poor is evident in this artful poem. Like Mother Teresa once said, “If you can’t feed them all, then feed one.” love, Mom

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