Some not-so-special highlights of my trip to Haiti

  • Seeing a huge dead 2 inch long cockroach in the bathroom of the guest house in Port Au Prince on the day I arrived.
  • Not having any hot water to take a shower the entire 8 days that I was in Haiti
  • The unbearable heat in Gonaives where my clothes were constantly dripping with sweat
  • The stench, mud, and devastation in Gonaives
  • The 9 hr. drive from Port Au Prince to Gonaives (the roads are not paved, so we were basically driving on rock ad dirt, which makes a very slow and bumpy ride.  And add to that fact of being jammed in an SUV with many people, luggage on top of you, and an A/C that barely works)  Fun, fun, fun!
  • the cold showers in Camp Coq in the morning (the temp was cool in the morning, so jumping in the shower that is spitting a stream of very cold water was not that much fun.)
  • Having to wear dirty smelly clothes practically the entire time – it was so stinkin’ hot that I wore the same and only pair of very lightweight athletic shorts that I brought.  And all my shirts got dirty and smelly within the first few days because I had to change my shirt several times a day because of how sweaty I would get.
  • The 3 consequetive trips to the concrete hole in the ground due to very bad stomach sickness
  • The 3 consequetive days of no trips to the bathroom after nurse Nicole gave me a mixure of Immodium A.D, lemon juice, and something else mixed in that stopped up my system big time.  To go…or not to go…I don’t know which is worse?
  • Leaving without being able to officially say good-bye to Shela – that made me very sad.
  • Leaving Haiti.  Really.  If it wasn’t from being apart from my wife and children, I really didn’t want to leave

*****Then, the number one not-so-special highlight of my trip to Haiti was….(drumroll)….getting violently stomach sick for a week as soon as I returned from Haiti.  The doctor said that I picked up an ecoli bacteria from Haiti, and was so close to admitting me into the hospital.  I am telling you, I have never been more violently ill in my life.  I couldn’t even stand up, I was so weak that I had to crawl back and forth from the bed to the bathroom…every 15 minutes…for days.  Oh man…the horror of it all.

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