Haiti Relief Update…

I am so glad to see that some have sent in some money to help purchase food for those in Haiti who are hungry and helpless because of the hurricanes.  I am also very happy to hear that some of our churches in the Delaware Baptist Association have taken up a special Sunday offering to give to this relief effort that we are putting together.  We are also planning to take a one time collection at our DBA Annual Meeting on Oct. 3rd.  I pray that many other churches and individuals will be led by God to give to this cause. (see “please help” post below to see how you can help)

I have been reading a lot in the news that, though the relief organizations are on the ground in Haiti, there have still been tremendous obstacles to getting the aid to the people.  Many major roads are still out, which leaves some areas accessible only by air or by boat.  Also, the need is so great that the aid being offered right now is not nearly enough to care for the hundreds of thousands in major crisis.  I saw news footage of many Haitians reporting that they have seen the aid trucks go right past them without receiving anything.  That is not a negative remark about the aid organizations, but rather it shows that many many people are still not receiving anything because the need is so great and the supply is so little.

That is why I see the importance of what our little group is trying to do.  I pray that many other “small fish” rise to the occasion to help the people in Haiti.  many of these smaller sized efforts will help in tremendous ways.  Experts are saying that, although there is a major immediate need as people are still starving and stranded in some areas, that the greater problem is yet to come with the fact that the country will experience tremendous food shortages because of all the crops that were destroyed.  Rebuilding is going to take a long time.

Our plan is to collect money from individuals and churches and purchase as much food as we can in Haiti.  We have several contact people down there who will be able to purchase the food.  (This is so important to have because if you try to have food shipped to Haiti, there is a real good chance that the food will never make it to the intended destination, as many hands will touch that food through customs and such, and there is a good chance it will be stolen.)  Once we purchase the food through our contact, we will get the pastors down there who we work with (6 of them) along with a small team of people from the U.S. who are part of this partnership (I am praying that the Lord opens a way for me to go) and we will pick up the food from a central location and bring it to the churches that we partner with and distribute the food and supplies to the people in the different villages.  I pray that our efforts will touch many lives and that many Haitians will come to put their faith in Jesus as they see the body of Christ displaying the love of God.  Please continue to pray for our efforts as well as the other efforts of both large and small relief organizations.  God bless you.