To Haiti With Love…

In just a few hours, my wife and I will board a plane and travel to Haiti for 4 days.  We will be ministering the love of Jesus Christ to children in an orphanage in an area called Cape Haitian.  Our primary purpose in going (well…it’s always primary to minister the love of Jesus, but…) is to get a vision for starting up an orphan care ministry here in Delaware and other parts of the U.S. where we can provide on-going support to the work and ministry in Haiti.  So, we will be meeting with a lot of different pastors and leaders while down there so that we can get a good assessment of what the needs are and how we can best support the work that is going on.  Our plan is to lead mission teams there each year that will help minister in a number of ways:  ministering to the orphans, sharing the gospel in the community, helping build a medical clinic, etc.  Also, we would like to collect clothing, toys, school supplies, etc. and send them there throughout the year.

This will be our first trip to Haiti and we are really excited to see what God does.  There has been a lot of “resistance” just recently which I believe is a tactic of satan to bring discouragement.  But the more “resistance I see, the more excited I get because I know that the Lord is going to do something amazing while we are there.  So, I take that resistance and turn it into more fervent prayer, knowing that the Lord is in control of everything.

I have already shared our vision for this orphan care ministry with a few church leaders and already have a couple of churches who have expressed interest in wanting to join in this partnership.  We are doing this with a Haitian Pastor who is currently pastoring a Haitian church here in Delaware, but is the one who has started this orphanage and planted a few churches when he lived in Haiti.  He is very excited that we have joined up with him and have already been able to generate a lot of interest from others in this work.  My wife has had several of her friends give her bags of clothes and supplies to bring with us to the orphanage.  Our suitcases are packed with stuff…all for them, except for a few changes of clothes for us while we are there. 

I am so excited to meet these children and share the love of Christ with them.  We already bought them a bunch of candy and snacks to bring to them, as well as some home made dolls that some churches from somewhere in the U.S. sent to us to use for ministry and outreach.  But I am so excited that while I was at Wal-Mart tonight to buy some last minute essentials, I was thinking of these kids and therefore bought some matchbox cars, a barbie doll, a soccer ball, and a game of “Trouble”.  “Trouble” is a great international game because it is so ridiculously simple, that you can learn it and play it in any language!  So, it will be so much fun to play such an “American” game with a group of children and adults who probably don’t speak a word of English.

I love the nations!  There is just something so amazingly beautiful about going to a different nation and proclaiming the universal saving message of Jesus Christ.  Oh how I pray that the gospel will be received by many and that names are written in the Lamb’s book of life as a result of our efforts. 

Well, I must go now and try to get a few hours of sleep before my extremely long day of travel begins.  Our flight is at 7AM, but leaves out of D.C., therefore we have to leave here (Wilmington) at 3AM so that we can be at the airport 2 hours before we leave.